Choosing the right color and style of your makeup is absolutely necessary if you wish to create a look which will enhance your natural beauty and in order to choose right you need to pay attention to certain details which can make a huge difference. These details are skin tone, eye color as well as hair color can affect the final result, so in order to ensure you make the right choice when it comes to you looks we have put together some makeup ideas for blondes to inspire yourself from.

There are a variety of makeup styles and colors to choose from but unfortunately not all are suitable for your hair color. This is why it is necessary to select a makeup which will enhance the beauty of your skin, the eye color and help conceal certain flaws as no-one is perfect. Choosing the right makeup style and colors can help amazingly transform your look, this is why most women choose to invest in high quality products and learn how to properly apply the makeup for their needs. So, in order to make inspire yourself, take a look at the following makeup ideas for blondes:

Natural look

Choosing a natural look can be a perfect choice especially for daytime wear, as naturalness can never be topped by anything else. Going for a natural look doesn’t mean using no makeup, it means using the makeup to enhance beauty in a natural manner, by turning to light makeup and nude colored makeup products. In order for this look to stand out and attract the desired attention you need a flawless base, and to achieve this you need to apply a concealer and a matte skin foundation. Coat your eyelashes using mascara and apply a clear or lip colored lip gloss. If however you want to add more definition to your facial features you can apply a peach, rose or brown colored blush, depending on the color of your complexion. Apply just a touch of blush to look as natural as possible.

Smokey eye makeup

This type of makeup looks adorable and can suit everyone perfectly. The smokey eye effect attracts attention similar to a magnet. The deep look this makeup style helps create is amazing so it is a perfect choice for formal as well as more casual occasions. Creating a smokey eye makeup is not difficult, all you need is to combine two eyeshadow shades such as black and gray to obtain a gradually fading eye makeup. The complexion is cleared of any imperfections using a concealer and foundation, the cheeks are defined using blush and the lips are maintained natural looking using a lip colored lipstick or lipgloss.

Vintage makeup

The vintage look exudes sensuality and matches light as well as darker skin tones perfectly. It is absolutely essential to maintain a well balanced look between the eye makeup and the lip color as going too bold can help create a disastrous look rather than a sensual and elegant one. To create a vintage makeup apply a conceal on any imperfections of the skin such as blemishes and dark circles and over the concealer apply foundation to create a flawless finish. Use a light colored eyeshadow such as lavender, purple, orange, beige, baby blue eyeshadow or simply use a black eyeliner to define the eyes. Coat your eyelashes using mascara, define your cheekbones using a soft colored blush and apply a fire red lipstick on your lips to complete the look.

Choose the makeup style that suits your personality best and experiment with different stiles so you can look fabulous and different for any occasion. Photos via