Your skincare routine should change as you age, but the colors and products you use for your makeup should evolve as well once you’re in your 40s, 50s and 60s. Discover the secrets of makeup for aging skin and create the best mature makeup with these tips from makeup experts.

Using makeup in excess to cover your wrinkles is not a good idea, especially since your skin gets drier as you age, so you’re more likely to have it settle and cake into the lines on your face. Make sure you use stronger moisturizers as you age to help protect your skin from the dryness that can ruin mature makeup.

Makeup for Aging Skin Tips

To get the perfect base, you should try using a tinted moisturizer that helps even out your skin tone. If you’re still using a cream or powder foundation, switch to cream and apply it with a good foundation brush.

Start to apply concealer after the foundation to better identify the problem areas. Of course, the shade of the concealer should be as close as possible to the foundation and it should be used by lightly pressing it on your skin.

Focusing on the eyes too much can make you look older, so instead opt for highlighting your cheeks with a cream blush in natural and fresh shades that give you an instant youthful look.

Facial sheen doesn’t help hide wrinkles, it enhances them, so make sure you always keep oil blotting tissues at hand. Preserve your makeup throughout the day without touch-ups. Instead, use a moisturizer spray that keeps you looking fresh. The hydrating mist is a much better idea than applying more powder that can easily cake.

Makeup for Aging Skin: Best Mature Makeup

Makeup for Mature Skin Dos and Don’ts

The eyebrow pencil can become a necessity and it helps define your eyebrows in a fuller way. Keep mascara restricted to your upper eyelashes to fight drooping eyelids with the right makeup for aging skin.

Black isn’t the color of choice for mascara and eyeliner anymore. Brown is a much better option to soften your features and give you a beautiful age appropriate makeup look.

Avoid any products with shimmer and focus on your lips instead of your eyes for the best mature makeup. A lip liner may be a good idea, since lips tend to get thinner as your age, but the trick to using it is to apply it after the color, for a softer line. Keep your lips matte and forget about strong colors. Mixing a lip balm in your lip color is another secret of good mature skin makeup as it gives your lips a fresh glossy look.

Makeup for Aging Skin: Best Mature Makeup