Makeup is a girls best friend. It can help you hide certain flaws and emphasize certain facial features. Makeup can absolutely transform a person if it is applied correctly making you go from simple to glamorous and flawless looking.

When it comes to makeup there are certain things you should keep in mind for your health and the health of your complexion. Here are some things that are allowed and some things you should definitely avoid when it comes to cosmetics:


wear products that are especially designed for your type of complexion. Find out what type of skin you have because different skin types require different skin care products and makeup

exfoliate your skin before you apply makeup to prevent dead skin cells to get trapped in the pores and flaky skin to show when you apply foundation

moisturize the skin before you apply makeup

check for expiration dates and get rid of any expired make-up

clean your makeup utensils often to prevent and eliminate bacteria which can form on your makeup utensils

remove your makeup every night before bedtime to allow your skin to breath

wear sunscreen under your makeup especially during the summer and not only!

apply the makeup in front of a big mirror in a place with good lighting


use makeup that is not compatible with your skin type

wear strong, night time makeup during the day

lend your makeup to anyone. Bacteria can be transferred through makeup from one person to another

use alcohol or oil based products on oily skin. This will only cause your glands to produce more sebum

use harsh cosmetic products for the skin

use expired makeup and cosmetics because bacteria could have formed and you risk causing infections and skin irritations

Keep in mind that a beautiful skin begins with good skin care program.