Get experimental with beauty techniques that allow you to become a real trendsetter in terms of makeup looks. Glam up your best assets with a fabulous color palette and cosmetic product repertoire.

Embrace your fave makeup trends that suit your personality. The makeup artist beauty tricks to try below are here to increase your motivation to look stunning regardless of the event you’re preparing for.

Face Brightening Trick

Mally Roncal is one of the popular celebrity makeup artists to keep an eye on if you’ve run out of inspiration for your next makeover. Now she offers her secret to brighten up your face using the most flattering concealer. Apply the formula on four essential spots (the outer and inner corners of the eyes, either side of the nose and around the corners of your mouth) to create the illuminating effect.

Eyebrow Trick

Ashunta Sheriff is the makeup artist of Rihanna and Alicia Keys. This time she offers us a life-saving tip on how to define our eyebrows like a real pro. You can use matte bronzer to fill in the empty spots and provide your features with the perfect frame.

Remember, if you don’t find an eyebrow pencil shade that suits your preferences, it’s worth skimming through other pencils too. Due to its soft texture, makeup artists often use a lip pencil to create the desired va-va-voom effect.

Highlight Cheekbones Trick

Joyce Bonelli is responsible for the gorgeous red carpet looks of Kim Kardashian. Those who are ready to make a dramatic change in their beauty routine should pay special attention to the trick she offers to highlight our cheekbones.

Joyce claims that the secret is to use a darker foundation shade and apply it with a brush. Then it is important to blend it with your natural skin tone using a high quality sponge. Finally set the fabulous formula with translucent powder for a natural-looking effect.

Soft Eyeliner Makeup Trick

Kate Lee has the chance to work with the hottest A-listers from Hollywood. In this review she reveals her secret of a glam soft eyeliner makeup trick. In order to play down the va-va-voom cat eye look all you have to do is wet a high class angled brush and apply a super-thin layer of the eyeliner on the upper lash line. Then blend the shade into your skin tone until you’ll obtain a longer lash line without that eye-popping effect of black liners. This trick can be also implemented into your daytime makeup routine.

Eye Shadow Trick

Every once in a while it is wise to make a dramatic change in your makeup regime. Celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow highly recommends the swapping of the classy black shade for indigo, plum or olive green. It is a common misconception that you have to use the darkest hue to make a statement. Black can often create a minimizing visual effect. Those who long for bigger and more prominent eyes should opt for soft and lighter colors.

Makeup Artist Beauty Tricks

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