Most women only start caring about their necks when their skin is already starting to sag, but you’ll eventually end up having to deal with loose skin even if you moisturize and use sunscreen daily.

Check out some of the best makeup tricks for a sagging neck, that will help you achieve the look you want while hiding imperfections in your neck area with a few simple tips. From using bronzer correctly to drawing away the eye from your neck, here’s how to downplay sagging and loose neck skin.

1. Stick to ‘Less Is More’

Caking makeup on your neck is not the way to hide any skin issues, and it’s an even worse idea during the warmer months of the year, since makeup can easily transfer to your collars.

2. Don’t Skip the Primer

Since you’ll probably be using makeup tricks for sagging neck that include both bronzer and a highlighter on your neck, you can’t afford to skip the primer. As light as they are, they can stain your clothing or your jewelry, so using a good primer on your face and neck is very important when you’re dealing with loose or sagging skin.

3. Contour with Creams

Powder don’t last as much as creams, so make the switch to a cream foundation, along with cream concealers and even cream bronzers. If she sagging is right under your chin, apply foundation there with a small bush and blend it sideways, under your jawline, not vertically down your neck. You can also reduce roundness in your neck area by extending it towards the end of your jawline, but don’t blend too much over it and on your face. Whatever products you use, make sure they’re just one shade darker than your skin tone in order to emphasize your jawline and make your neck less of a problem area.

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4. Use Bronzer Carefully

Applying a bit of bronzer is one of the best makeup tricks for sagging neck, as long as you do it right. You need only the lightest bronzer dusting on your lower jaw and neck in order to downplay sagging skin, so use the biggest fluffy brush you can find. If you use it right, you shouldn’t have any trouble blending it.

5. Draw Attention to Your Eyes

If you’re not entirely satisfied with what countouring and bronzer can achieve, another excellent makeup tip is to draw attention to your eyes. This doesn’t necessarily mean going for bold colors. Simply use tricks to make your eyes appear bigger, including winger liner, along with curled and full eyelashes.

6. Use Blush Thoughtfully

One of the best makeup tricks for sagging neck, using blush correctly can also help define your cheekbones and draw the viewers’ gaze towards the top half of your face. You’ll need the same big, fluffy brush, and you should only go as far as the highest point of cheekbones, not all the way to your temples. Make sure you also pick a good neutral blush, nothing too pink.

7. Try a Softer Lip Color

A bold lip will always draw attention to your jawline and neck, so be more dramatic on your eye makeup while sticking to something softer for your lips. Sheer color that’s not too dark is a good fit in order to keep the lower side of your side more neutral.

8. Slim Down Your Neck

Using a shimmery highlighting cream is also one of the best makeup tricks for sagging neck. While the contouring and blending is never done vertically, a little shimmer can go vertically in order your make your neck seem slimmer. A little is key, be very subtle with this effect, otherwise you’ll be drawing attention to the loose skin.

9. Finish with a Loose Powder

Even if you’re sticking to creams for most of your makeup routine, a bit of powder won’t hurt. Make sure that it’s in the right tone for your skin. Translucent powders with an illuminating effect will just highlight any sagging in the neck area.

10. Use Hairstyles and Accessories Wisely

Once you’ve exhausted all the makeup tricks for sagging neck, you can still make a difference with your hair an jewelry. Go for dramatic earrings and low necklaces, no chokers allowed. A long bob that barely grazes your collarbone will also disguise any loose skin on your neck, while longer hairstyles or those that hit right under the chin won’t help.