It takes a lot for a drag queen to look flawless, whether it’s on stage in a club or on TV. From blending to finding tricks that get the job done quickly and perfectly, drag queens can end up knowing a lot more about makeup that many women.

Check out some of the best makeup tips you can learn from drag queens, courtesy of RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants. Whether you’re a big fan or haven’t even heard of them, try their makeup and beauty tricks for a flawless look.

Blend for a Polished Look

Most makeup artists know that blending is the key to achieving a perfect look, and blending is probably the most important step. While plenty of brushes can help you, season 3 contestant Manilla Luzon likes to rely on something else. “You can spend $50 on a sickening brush from Sephora, but the best blending tool is usually your finger,” she explained in a YouTube makeup tutorial.

You Betta Work That Mascara

Bianca Del Rio Drag Queen Makeup Tips

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 winner Bianca Del Rio recommends heavy mascara and liner even in the summertime, and that’s definitely one of the makeup tips you can learn from drag queens. Unless you’re wearing false lashes that provide enough volume, use a waterproof mascara during the warmer months of the year, in order to keep your look perfect.

Get a Sickening Décolletage

Raja Drag Queen Makeup Tips

You can use makeup all over your body for a gorgeous look. While your legs can benefit from a little shimmer, there’s a lot more you can do for your décolletage. Makeup artist and season 3 contestant Raja explains it best. Use a little light concealer in between your breasts, add dark foundation on both sides, apply highlighter on the swell of the breast, then blend well for an instant bust enhancement.

Serve Sunless Tanning Realness

Willam Belli Drag Queen Makeup Tips

Season 4’s Willam offers one of the best makeup tips you can learn from drag queens when you’re looking for the perfect tan. Before you think of applying self tanning lotion, exfoliate well with a loofah. Then, mix your self tanner with an equal amount of moisturizer in order to look your best and keep your skin hydrated for a gorgeous look.

Beat Yo Face with a Sponge Paint Brush

Bendelacreme Drag Queen Makeup Tips

Season 6’s BenDeLaCreme told PopSugar she uses special sponges for excellent makeup application: “I love to use those sponge paint brushes to apply makeup because you can get a hard line by using the edge and a soft effect by using the sides. I buy them at Lowe’s or Home Depot! I use it for foundation, for shadows, for everything.”

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Serve Up Dramatic Eyes

Manila Luzon Drag Queen Makeup Tips

One of the best makeup tips you can learn from drag queens comes from a Manila Luzon makeup tutorial. In order to give an extra bit of edge to your eye makeup, use on light colors, even white, at the inner corners for your eyes for an instant illuminated look.

Contouring, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent

Serena Chacha Drag Queen Makeup Tips

Kim Kardashian may be the master of contouring, but RuPaul’s Drag Race season 5 contestant Serena ChaCha and plenty of other drag queen use contouring and highlighting for an even more dramatic effect. Whether it’s learning how to make your nose look thinner or making your cheekbones stand out, mastering these techniques is a must if you want to call yourself a makeup pro.

Werk the Right Makeup Brushes

Sharon Needles Drag Queen Makeup Tips

Season 4 winner Sharon Needles knows that even the best makeup tips you can learn from drag queens can only be accomplished with the right tools. If you’re not sure how to choose the right brush, remember that natural bristle brushes are the best option for powders, while synthetic brushes work better for creams and liquids.

No Sweat, No Shade

Nina Flowers Drag Queen Makeup Tips

Milk of magnesia is used in antacids and laxatives, but it also has a very important effect when used externally, according to season 1’s Nina Flowers. Apply it on your face before makeup in order to protect your look from sweating.

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Rest on Pretty Lashes

April Carrion Drag Makeup Tips

Season 6’s April Carrion also shared one of the best makeup tips you can learn from drag queens with PopSugar: “I glue my fake lashes directly onto my real lashes instead of along the lash line above to give me a more open eye. I sandwich the two together and tilt the fake lashes up really high, which makes me look like I have bigger eyes.”