The clock is ticking and you have to attend that important meeting in less than an hour. Your outfit is ready, you just have to look fresh and smile. You should not be concerned, because here are some very useful pointers for your complexion to look lively and bright.

There are several ways to look awake and thus be more confident. And it is not hard at all! Take a comfortable seat and learn important useful beauty tips from one of the most important names in the beauty industry, Bobbi Brown. You’ll learn how to look awake with makeup.

Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Tips to Look Awake

According to Bobbi, the very first thing is hydration: inside and out. Start your morning routine by applying a denser face moisturizer than you normally use or go directly to cream and skip the lotion. It’s the first step in how to look more awake with makeup.

Looking Awake With Makeup

After that, it would be best to skip foundation and use a light tinted moisturizer, because foundation can make your face look more tired than it actually is. You can easily make one at home by using a few drops of your foundation and mix it with your daily moisturizer.

Another great tip that Brown offered concerns the blush. When your face is tired, it’s advised to use two types of blushes, instead of just one: a neutral shade and a brighter one. You should start applying the neutral blush on the apple of each cheek and blend it up into the hairline. Afterwards, go and apply very lightly the brighter shade just on the apple of the cheeks. This way, your complexion will receive a natural glow.

We used to call the eyes the mirror to our soul. They are also the place to look at and see whether a person is tired or not. Bobbi also gave beauty tips on how to hide dark circles and puffy eyes.

Natural Makeup Application

When it comes to dark circles, you should apply two shades of concealer: a pale pink shade and a yellow toned one. You should start applying the pale pink shade in order to correct the purple-greenish color of your circles. Then, apply the yellow shade and blend them with your fingers. In the end, just define it with a loose powder (Bobbi recommends a yellow tone).

As for the so called puffy eyes, mineral makeup is the best solution. You should use light matte powder shadows that blend easily and curl your lashes in order to open up your eyes. The final touch should be a coat of mascara only on the upper lashes.

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