Whether you’re looking to create the perfect “no makeup” makeup look or simply keep your makeup minimal for a fresh-faced look, try a few of the best makeup tips for natural beauty. The way you use your products can be just as important as the type of products you use, so take a look at these simple tricks for a simple, yet beautiful look.

Let your natural beauty shine through while keeping your makeup subtle and you’ll get plenty of compliments for your complexion and look, from both men and other women.

Forget About Black Eyeliner

There’s nothing natural about black eyeliner and if you apply too much of it, it can become your beauty’s enemy. Black can be too harsh, especially if you have very pale skin, so skip it and experiment with grays and especially browns. A more neutral shade can help you highlight your eyes in a much subtler way.

Curl Your Lashes

Instead of piling on mascara, start curling your lashes. One of the best makeup tips for natural beauty is to use a basic lash curler directly at the lash line. Curled eyelashes will open up your eyes and help you get a gorgeous ‘less is more’ type of look. You can also curl them again towards the tips, but make sure that you’re caring for your lashes by applying a little castor oil on your lashes from time to time.

Curling Eyelashes

Try Tightlining

A simple makeup trick that will make your lashes look longer and fuller, tightlining is all about applying gel eyeliner to your top waterline. Go for a natural brown, from chocolate to taupe, and use a small angled brush to apply it across your top waterline on both eyelids. You don’t even have to worry about the lower lash line, since blinking a few times will help the gel adhere to them as well.

Stick to Tinted Lip Balm

Instead of lip liner and lipsticks that can be drying, one of the best makeup tips for natural beauty is switching to tinted lip balm. It’s a lot more hydrating for your lips and it can deliver a more natural shade, with just the right amount of shine. Make sure you exfoliate your lips regularly for a beautiful finish.

Find the Right Neutral Shades for Your Eyes

For a more subtle approach to eyeshadow, start with the right neutrals. Get inspired by your hair color, whether your natural one or whatever natural looking dye you’ve chosen. Go for a darker neutral at the outer corners of your eyes, and opt for a lighter shade at the inner corners. A pearly or ivory finish is the right way to go for the inner corner of the eyes.

Natural Eye Makeup

Go for Less Mascara

Brown or dark grey mascara are good choices for a subtle look, and pairing brown with black can help you create a gorgeous custom mascara color. Go for the darker shade on your top lashes and the lighter one on the bottom ones, but avoid products with a powerful lengthening or volumizing effect. They won’t really look natural, even if they’re clump-free.

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Opt for Cream Blush

One of the best makeup tips for natural beauty is to choose cream blush and apply it correctly. Powder blush can contribute to a cakey look for your makeup, so cream is the better choice for a subtle look. Dot a subtle shade of blush on your cheekbones, then carefully blend up toward the temples.

Applying Blush

Skip Eyeliner Altogether

Another approach for the best makeup tips for natural beauty is keeping the mascara, but giving up the eyeliner. You’ll need to find a mascara with a great wand, that allows you to go all the way to the roots of the lashes for a beautiful effect.

Replace Eyebrow Pencils with Powders

When you’re filling in your eyebrows, powders can help you achieve a much subtler effect than pencils. You’ll need an angled brush to apply the powder in the right shade for you and a brow brush to blend it well for a more natural finish. An old mascara wand, that has been thoroughly cleaned, can also be used instead of a special brow brush.

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Set with a Facial Mist

Definitely one of the best makeup tips for natural beauty, the facial mist needs to be the last step in your beautifying process. You can also use it throughout the day in order to keep your makeup looking fresh and give your complexion the perfect dewy finish.