Lifting your eyelids can be simple once you learn how to apply the most flattering makeup. Whether you’re dealing with a single drooping eyelid or with both, these excellent anti-sagging tricks can help.

The basics of droopy eyelids makeup are all about knowing how to apply the products, but before you start learning about that, remember that a well defined brow arch helps a lot in drawing the eye upwards. Fill in your brows and make sure they’re arched correctly (look straight ahead, the right place for the peak of the arch is above the outer edge of the iris), before trying some of the best makeup tips for droopy eyelids.

1. Start with a Good Primer

Using an eye primer is fundamental when it comes to droopy eyelids makeup. You want your makeup to stay put perfectly, so invest in a good primer that will prevent any smudging and will extend the life of these simple tricks.

2. Use Liquid Concealer

The best choice for concealer is a liquid product, and you should apply it all over your eyelids, going up to the eyebrow. If you’re used to blending with your fingers, you should do that, but a makeup sponge can be more effective in making sure the area is covered perfectly and evenly. Now you’re ready to start trying the most effective makeup tips for droopy eyelids.

Droopy Eyes Makeup Tips

3. Apply a Light Eyeshadow All Over the Eyelids

In order to minimize the saggy look of your lids, you’ll need to use a darker color as well, but before your start contouring, apply a light shade all over. If you think that’s too much, you can stop at the center of the eyelid, but the light shade is very important at the inner corners of your eyes to make droopy eyelids makeup more effective.

4. Contour with a Darker Eyeshadow

Find the spot on your eyelid where it’s the droopiest and start applying a darker shade of eyeshadow or contouring cream. That usually means starting from the center and blending outward and upward in order to create a lifting effect. One of the best makeup tips for droopy eyelids is finishing the application of a darker color in a wing shape towards the brow bone.

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5. Highlight the Brow Bone

Droopy eyelids makeup is more effective when you also use a touch of highlighting eyeshadow just above the crease, blending it with the create and on the brow bones to get a good effect. If white sounds too dramatic for you, then pick a silver shade and blend well in order to open up the eye.

6. Use Liquid Eyeliner on the Upper Eyelids

One of the best makeup tips for droopy eyelids is sticking to liquid eyeliner and just to the top eyelids. Application is key to the final look, and you should avoid going all the way through to the inner corners of your eyes. Using a thin felt-tip liner, follow the lash line and then curve the line upwards at the outer corners of your eyes to increase the lifting effect. Avoid any thick lines, which can counteract the lift.

7. Try the Right Pencil Eyeliner on the Lower Eyelids

If you’re still not satisfied with how the droopy eyelids makeup turned out, you can also use a pencil on the lower eyelids. Just make sure that you stick to really light shades to open up your eyes. White and nude shades are the right call, or a light silver for a more dramatic look.

Best Makeup For Droopy Eyes

8. Use Shimmer Carefully

Applying a touch of shimmer at the inner corner of your eyes is one of the most effective makeup tips for droopy eyelids when your eyes are on the small side. However, keep it at the inner corners of your eyes and go subtle. If you try too much shimmer, it will make crow’s feet look much worse.

9. Try Volumizing Mascara

Mascara is particularly important when it comes to droopy eyelids makeup. Go for a volumizing one, or for a volumizing and lengthening mascara. Steer clear of mascaras that clump and you’ll be fine. You should also try curling your eyelashes before applying mascara for an even more flattering effect.

10. Wear False Eyelashes

One of the makeup tips for droopy eyelids that really makes a big difference, false eyelashes can be applied all over the eyelid or just from the center to the outer edge.