While dealing with your hair is probably your biggest worry on rainy days, your makeup also has to be on point. Once you’ve tamed the frizz, make sure that you adapt your makeup routine in order to deal with the high humidity.

Check out some of the best tips and tricks that help your get the right makeup for rainy days. From knowing what type of product to use to learning what products to absolutely avoid in high humidity, here are the best ways to keep looking your best despite of rainy and windy weather.

Moisturize Correctly

Using a heavy moisturizer is definitely the wrong option when humidity is high. Stick to a lightweight moisturizer in the morning, preferably one with a mattifying effect. If you don’t feel that’s enough, then use a heavy overnight moisturizer on the night before, when you already know you’re expecting bad weather. A tinted moisturizer might be all the base you need for a rainy day.

Start with a Good Primer

If you don’t want to skip the foundation, the your makeup for rainy days has to also include primer. It can help secure both the tinted moisturizer that you’ve already applied, or any foundation that comes on top. You should also use an eye primer if you don’t want to stick to a more subtle look. Even when you’re using waterproof makeup products, the primer is still necessary.

Best Foundation For Rainy Weather

Skip the Heavy Foundation

Even when you absolutely feel like you need maximum coverage, heavy foundation is the worst choice to make for rainy days, whether it’s powder, cream or liquid. If you don’t want it melting away, even when it’s supporter by a good primer, stick to a lighweight one, and use a touch of illuminating powder to finish up.

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Go for a Matte Finish

When the sun is hidden away in the clouds, there’s no reason why your complexion should be shiny. If you’re worried about, then your makeup for rainy days should include either a mattifying moisturizer or a primer with a matte finish. You shouldn’t overwhelm your skin with powder, since it will just melt off in high humidity, so your other option for shine control includes blotting papers.

Blend Like Never Before

In order to have a flawless finish, blending is very important, but it’s even more needed in humid weather. You can use your fingers, but for even better blending, you should try a non-latex makeup sponge. Once you’re done, you won’t have any trouble, even if you forget your umbrella at home and get a little wet.

Natural Makeup For Rainy Days

Go Waterproof

It’s the most obvious step when it comes to makeup for rainy days, but sometimes you just forget about it or think you won’t need it. Mascara and eyeliner have to be waterproof, so they can stay put all day long, whether you have to deal with direct rainfall or just high humidity. If your eyes happen to get wet, remember to never rub. Air dry or gently blot with a soft tissue to make sure you avoid smudging.

Make the Right Lip Choice

Gloss is probably the worst idea in rainy and windy weather. Not only will you get a lot of dust stuck to your lips, but they’ll also have a shinny finish that’s just wrong. You can opt for matte lipstick or a more durable lip stain. If lipstick is your choice, apply a lip liner all over your lips before the lipstick to give it extra staying power.

Choose Cream Products

Leave the powder products for another day. Makeup for rainy days stays put much better if you use cream or mouse products. That means everything from eyeshadow to blush. Once you blend all the creams, they’ll look better even in the rain. Opting for powder products then getting your face wet leads to ugly streaking.

Makeup For Rainy Weather

Skip the Bronzer

The sun kissed glow works much better when the weather is sunny. Stick to a cream blush and avoid any obvious contouring or too much bronzer and highlighter.

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Trust Your Finishing Spray

Get the dewy radiance that makes you look your best when the weather is humid. Makeup for rainy days needs that extra staying power that a water-based facial spray can offer. Set your makeup with it and keep it in your purse all day. Refresh your makeup without any major touch ups with just a spritz of your finishing spray.