Whether or not you’re in a hurry in the morning, you need to use the right makeup products in a proper way if you want to look your best. With the right tips and tricks, makeup for early morning becomes easy and helps you look rested, while also delivering a nice glow.

Find out how to apply makeup the right way in the morning, when you’re going out very early and you’re also pressed by time constraints.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Preparation is very important when it comes to the way your skin looks in the early hours of the morning. Never go to bed without cleansing your face thoroughly. When you know you have an early morning, you might also benefit from using a more hydrating cream than your regular product, so your skin is ready for the right makeup for early morning. If you wake up with dry skin, you’ll waste more time covering it up with makeup, and your look might not last for long.

Go for All-in-One Products

Applying Makeup

Products that multitask are the right choice for early morning makeup. The less time you spend on your makeup, the more you’ll have to enjoy your coffee or be on your way. Skip the foundation, and opt for a tinted moisturizer. An even better solution is a BB cream, that delivers coverage and protection against UVA/UVB, while also keeping your skin moisturized throughout the morning and even for the entire day.

Choose a Brightening Concealer

If you didn’t get much sleep, a brightening concealer is a must. They key to getting the right look is finding a concealer that isn’t too bright. You shouldn’t start your makeup for early morning routine without first using a brightening concealer. Dot it at the darkest areas of your under eye circles and blend it well.

Try a Blue Eyeliner

If you have time to apply eyeliner, blue is an excellent choice. The cool tones of blue eyeliner reduce redness that you might be experiencing on your skin, or at least on your eyes when you wake up extra early. If blue is too much for you, then go for a neutral beige eyeliner on the waterline. Apply it on your lower eyelid waterline, another area which is prone to redness in the morning or when you’re exhausted.

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Always Curl Your Lashes

Curling Eyelashes

Less is more when it comes to makeup for early morning, but if your biggest issue is that you look tired, an eyelash curler can make a huge difference. If you can’t curl your lashes before applying mascara, opt for a curling mascara. Curled eyelashes will make your eyes look bigger and more awake. If you’re also struggling to make your lashes look fuller, and your eyes aren’t that red, you should replace the blue or beige eyeliner with a black one.

Choose a Soft Pink Blush

A cream blush is the right choice for early morning, since it’s easier to apply and blend. A touch of pink that works will your complexion will instantly improve the look of your skin, fighting any dullness that might be a result of too little sleep. Go for a soft shade in the early hours of morning and you’ll get a beautiful glow. Blend well from the apples of your cheeks toward your temples.

Neutral Eyeshadow

If you’re willing to add eyeshadow into the mix, go for soft and light neutrals that complement your skin. If you go too dark with neutrals, your skin might end up looking dull and tired. Other colors to definitely stay away from include purple and pink, which highlight redness on your skin or in your eyes.

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Opt for a Tinted Lip Balm or Lip Gloss

Applying Lip Gloss

Forget about vibrant reds or matte finishes on your lips when you’re working on your makeup for early morning. A hydrating lip gloss with just a touch of color is a great choice. Tinted lip balm is another option that’s more suited to an early look. You can switch to a darker shade a few hours later or simply do a couple of touch ups throughout the day.

Add a Touch of Bronzer

If you’re thinking of doing makeup for early morning, but you know it’ll stay on for the entire day, bronzer is also a good fit for a beautiful healthy glow. Stick to the bridge of your nose, the top of your forehead and your temples and don’t ignore your décolletage.