Follow these 12 easy steps to get natural make up for teenagers. We give you make up tips on how to put on make up properly and how to apply make up products in the right way!

Make up for teenagers should be kept minimal, natural and should enhance the features. It should be applied and cleaned off with equal care. Just keep this in mind: there is nothing worst for your skin that makeup residue left on over night!
Follow these 12 professional steps to get easily a natural, clean make-up!

Step 1
The foundation has better coverage if before you're using an oil free cleaning/hydrating lotion on the whole surface of the face and down the neck. This has a protective role too by keeping the complexion hydrated.

Step 2
Take a small amount of foundation on your forefinger and apply it on the forehead, nose and cheeks then make it even till your hairline and from jawline down the neck.

Step 3

Apply some concealer around the eyes and smudge it well.

Step 4
With a larger brush dust on some powder under the eye to set the concealer. Leave it untouched to retouch it after applying the eyeshadow.

Step 5
Hydrate lips with some beeswax or lipbalm because lipstick/lipgloss is looking much better on well hydrated lips.

Step 6
For a natural look apply golden eyeshadow from the inner to the outer corner of the upper lid untill the crease.

Step 7
With a brown pencil mark the upper eyelid then smudge it softly with a cotton bud to give deepness to the eyes.

Step 8
With a thin brush apply some golden shadow to the lower lid too.

Step 9
With a special brush, similar to the mascara's comb your eyebrows.

Step 10
Apply the mascara first to the tip of the lashes then to the roots with a zigzag motion of the brush to separate them. Also the texture of the mascara has to be not too dense to avoid lashes sticking together.

Step 11
Use a fresh light pink blush with shimmery effect and apply it to the apply of your cheeks and simply blend outwards towards your hairline.

Step 12
For the lips, a gloss looks nice or if you are using a lipstick use one in a natural shade. Keep a lip moisturizer that is enriched with the antiseptic qualities of tea tree oil and the softness of beeswax handy. Use one which also protects the lips from the sun's harsh rays.

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