Preparing for a special event or a cool summer walk might be real fun. When applying your summer make up however you should take into consideration some basic tips that would secure the long-lasting and spotless effect of your look. Choosing the best products might be the first stage of this ritual therefore it is a must to provide your lips, eyes and cheeks with the proper conditioning treatments to secure the best canvas for the application of various products. Lip glosses are some of the most stylish products that are used to complement your lips as well as crown your make up with the best tint that follows the latest trends in make up styles. Though wearing glossy lips might not be a difficult thing it is also important to keep this spot flawless to preserve the soundness of your appearance. These are some of the basic make lip gloss last longer tips offered by professionals who are eager to improve your beauty skills.


Moisturizing is indeed an essential part of your beauty care ritual. Therefore make sure you devote enough time and energy to polish and upgrade your appearance.The condition of your lips can play a crucial role in the application of lip gloss as well as its condition for the rest of the day. Use high quality or homemade and natural moisturizers as well as a nourishing lip balm to eliminate the dead cells from the surface of your lips.

This trick will guarantee the smooth and wrinkle-less state of your lips. Depriving your lips from proper conditioning might be the main culprit when lip glosses lose their effect after a short time.As these would offer the sole source of hydration for your lips, the skin might absorb the humidity as well as the additional ingredients and would leave your lips bare.

Face Powder

Enhance your lips with volume with the help of the latest colored or transparent lip glosses. Apply it over the lipstick or to the bare lips for the dream effect. One of the additional tricks make up artists use to secure the proper impression of the lips is to condition and then dust the lips with face powder. Choose shades that complement your skin tone and cover the lips with a thin layer of this product.

This way you’ll keep the gloss from melting, smudging as well as absorption. If you apply it over lipstick make sure tint your lips first, then remove the product excess with the help of a clean tissue paper, then you can apply the must have powder, again the lip stain or lipstick and finally the lip gloss. This is the ideal recipe to complete a more complex and perfect application of lip gloss.

Lip Pencil

It is also useful to appeal to the other lip make up products to further prolong the life of your lip gloss. Indeed highlighting the refined shape of your lips with a lip liner. The next step is indeed to apply this liner onto the whole lips covering them with a thin and smooth layer of this products. This would establish the proper conditions and softened surface to apply the lip gloss. As there is a fine layer between the lips and the gloss it would prevent the product from absorption and would also maintain its spotless effect.Make sure you choose the lip liner that suits your lip gloss and skin tone when it comes of its color.