Makeup is truly a woman’s best friend. when used right, you can easily reduce some facial features that you like or don’t like without resorting to plastic surgery. Here are some tips to help make your eyes look bigger with makeup:

Use white eyeliner on the inner lower waterline and inner corner of the eyes. This will brighten and open up the eyes.

Use dark eyeliner only on the top of the upper lid close to the lash line and on the outer half of the lower lid.

Highlight the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes with light shimmery colors. Use a light color eyeshadow on the crease. Give your eyebrows a slightly arched shape to maximize the space between the eye and the brow. Keeping your eyebrows well groomed can really help change the way your eyes look.

Well groomed eyebrows give the appearance of a bigger space between the eye and the eyebrow, so maintain them slightly arched and well defined.

Curl eyelashes or perm your eyelashes if it’s a hassle for you to use a curler.

After curling lashes apply plenty of mascara on your eyelashes on the top as well as on the bottom lashes. Make sure you apply the mascara in a zig-zag motion to separate the lashes without clumping.

Apply eyelash extensions or fake eyelashes if your eyelashes are short. Fake eyelashes and eyelash extension are great and can look very natural if they are properly placed on. They can really enhance the eyes and give a beautiful feminine look.