Knowing which lip shapes apply to your smile helps you choose the best makeup products for your lips. Check out the different types of lip shapes and find out how you can color and enhance them for the sexiest look.

Whether you use lip liner or not, knowing what looks best on the different lip shapes allows you to complete your look in the most flattering way.

Lip Shapes: Makeup Tips

Types of Lip Shapes

Lips get thinner with age, but some women are born with thin lips that need enhancement. Different types of lip shapes include the top heavy and bottom heavy lips, the large lips and the asymmetrical lips.

Thin Lips

Darker shades of lipstick tend to make thin lips look even smaller, so your best bet involves a brighter shade. You can use a lip liner, in a shade slightly darker, but in the same family as your base color. Gently outline just outside that natural shape. If you want to give you lips a more plump look, use frosted colors.

Top Heavy Lips

Get the best look using two very similar shades: the darker on your top lip and the lighter on your lower lip. If you want to stick to the exact same color, you can blend a small dot of white at the center of your lower lip to give them both a more even look.

Lip Shapes: Makeup Tips

Bottom Heavy Lips

Use a tiny dot of white and blend it well on your upper lip to bring balance to bottom heavy lips. Alternatively, you can try combining two very similar shades, with the lighter one on your top lip to enhance it.

Large Lips

If you go for a shinny or shimmery look, your large lips can become a dominating feature, in a less than flattering way. Stay well within the natural borders of your lips and choose softer colors with a matte finish.

Asymmetrical Lips

For uneven lips, you can mix matte and glossy lipsticks to enhance or reduce the asymmetrical parts or even blend lighter and darker tones to get the right look. Stay away from vivid shades and try to enhance your eyes with makeup to draw attention from your lips.

Lip Shapes and Texture

If you have extra smooth lips, the easiest way to take texture is using a matte finish that enhances any lines. For crinkly lips, the opposite applies and shine and shimmer work best for your lips.

Try not to use a darker pencil for crinkly lips, but you may opt to define the outline of your lips better when they’re very smooth, with a very similar shade that you plan on using to get the most attractive smile.