Analyzing your face shape can be really fun especially if you know which feature can tell the most of your character. Indeed reading your face might seem challenging still professional face readers would offer you the chance to find out more on the relationship between the structure of your face as well as your qualities and traits. Lips are indeed revealing spots of our face, making them look sensual and perfectly conditioned is indeed one of the secret weapons to make our look more appealing. Find out the best means to pair the right makeup with the shape, color and size of your lips as this would be without a doubt the first step towards looking fabulous. These are some of the most prominent lip shapes and personality traits associated with one another illustrated with celebrity examples.

Full Lips

Rich and pouty lips are some of the most admired sex-appeals therefore those who were blessed with a similar feature would be eager to play up the volume and definition of this area with the various makeup products.

Indeed as specialists claim full lips are the signs of confidence, therefore those who have it are in most of the cases able to solve the complex situations and radiate a self-assured personality. Moreover often those who have these lip shapes are also fun-filled personalities who know what entertainment really is.

The great laugh is indeed their signature element therefore they might be able even to make miracles with a single wide smile. In order to to accentuate this feature there’s no need for lip liners instead use lip glosses and lipsticks of a nude or sensuous shade depending on your attitude.

Thin Lips

Thin lips are the obvious signs of a calm and balanced personality who is aware of the smallest details and might watch from the background and act when it is righteous to take an important step.

The sensible look of their lips can be indeed misleading as they might appear shy and too modest, however it is in fact one of their secret weapon to win the difficult situations and come out as the ultimate winner of all debates and fights.

However they can be also loving and super-kind if you manage to convince them of your loyalty and honesty. In order to bring out the best of thin lips use lip glosses and lipsticks of a lighter shade this way defining the shape of your lips and adding extra-volume to make them more prominent.

Downward-turning Lips

Often creating the impression of a sad face, those who have a downward-turning lips might use the various makeup tricks to pull off the illusion of a perfectly-proportionate face.

This lip shape radiates a more mysterious and sultry look which leads us to consider this person as having too many secrets and staying always in the background. Indeed in most of the cases this can seem fascinating in others might shy away the admirers. In order to achieve the most harmonious impression it is wise to play with the lip liners as well as cheat with the application of the lipstick in order to achieve your beauty goals.

Use lighter tones as the dark ones might not help you as much due to their ability to reveal the tiny beauty flaws.

Heart-Shaped Lips

Pro face shape specialists claim that heart-shaped lips would their owners extremely happy as it is considered by all people seductive and sensual. Those who were blessed with a similar feature should consider this spot the best area to accentuate and highlight.

Independence and confidence are additional traits that can be read out of these cute shaped lips. The need for love and kindness is also important for these persons therefore they have the opportunity to make themselves even more appealing by trying their hand at the various lipstick trends that dominate the makeup industry this season.

Using the lip liner is and additional trick in order to add more prominence to the well-defined line of the lips and make it even more sensuous. The color of the lipstick should be determined by the thickness of the lips as well as our purpose to pull off a flashy or classy design.