One of the wisest and most creative processes when choosing your makeup style is to pair the right shades and textures. Therefore if you’re flirting to sport stylish smokey eyes for the next outing make sure you know which are the best shades to match with this base color combo. The most prominent lip colors that go with smokey eyes range from the eye-catching and more ceremonial ones to those that would help you keep the attention on your glimpse still sport a fab pout. Kissable lips are the perfect accessory to complete your makeup with when it comes of both casual as well as formal events. Take the advice of pro makeup artists for the overwhelming and high class effect.

Nude Lips

The pro makeup artist backup team of celebrities know how to make their clients steal the spotlight.Therefore it is useful to take the look of prominent and beloved stars as the perfect example to build up an award-winning makeup.Nude lips as showed above would enhance the beauty of your lips still has the power to keep the attention on your profound and piercing smokey eye makeup.

For the dream visual effect make sure you choose either the lips or the eyes to highlight and keep your look neat and polished. Nude colored lipsticks with their creamy texture would bring out the best of the shape of your lips and can also make them appear soft and silky as well as plumped.The glossy texture of lip glosses can further boost the womanish allure or your look, as a consequnce have these natural and nude shades at hand for every event.

Pink Lips

Pinky shades dominated both the red carpet as well as the runway, whether you apply it to your eyes, cheeks or lips the result will be equally drop-dead gorgeous. Choose natural lip balms for the uber-laid back effect, lipstick for the muted still prominent look and last but not least pinkish lip glosses for that extra-glittery tint. All these alternatives would solve your dilemma of choosing the best pout that would complement your refined or more edgy and crowd-pleasing smokey eyes makeup.

Those who long for a more girly and softened look will have the chance to tame even the most wildest eye makeup trend with this cute trick. Pick the right shade of pink that complements your skin tone and make sure the canvas you are working on is properly conditioned and silky. Use the proper applicators and line your lips with a high quality lip liner if you need a tiny correction to the shape of your lips.

Red Lips

One of the additional and beloved options to crown your smokey eyes is to adopt that glamorous Vintage era inspired makeup look that encourages everyone to pair the dark tinted eyes with fiery red lips for guaranteed success. Indeed if you prepare for a special event and you crave to steal the show with your classy look make sure you crown your makeup with a red pout that would definitely rival the beauty of your glimpse.

Indeed you might need some courage to rock the look still with the selection of the perfect shades as well as textures there’s nothing that would keep you from becoming the queen of the night. Choose from the light and glittery reds as well as wine and darker shades for the desired effect. The A-list red carpet looks as the one above would furnish you with glam ideas on how to master the red lips and smokey eyes trend.

Peachy Lips

Those who are fond of the latest candy makeup tones will be thrilled to find out that peachy lips are the perfect option to complete a smokey eye makeup. The softened and pastel shades as well as the shimmery and sparkling shades when applied to your perfectly conditioned and soft lips would bring out the most of your look. Radiant peachy tones as well as the less prominent and natural ones are all available in your local drugstore therefore make sure you skim through the infinite selection of lipsticks, lip glosses and lip stains. Pair them with your golden, grey or brown as well as classy black smokey eyes as a real makeup artist.