Streamlining your makeup routine is a great way to get a beautiful look, but you’ll need some of the best lazy girl makeup tips to really get good results with less time and effort. Discover a few time-savers and simple tricks to cut down on your makeup routine.

Try these lazy girl makeup tips and you’ll be able to wake up a bit later each morning without making big compromises for your makeup and beauty routine.

Get a Head Start

If you’re not always awake enough to put on your foundation the way you want to, you can get a head start on your makeup routine by using a good moisturizer at night. In the morning, simply use a multi-purpose product, like tinted moisturizer or BB cream. 

Both of them can moisturize your skin, include sunscreen and can create coverage faster and easier than foundation. Just make sure you pick the right shade that will give you a beautiful sheer finish without standing out.

When you shop for these time-savers, you should also try looking for a double duty cream blush, for your eyes and lips. One of the best lazy girl makeup tips is to switch from regular mascara to the lash curling variety to skip one more step in your morning routine.

Use Your Fingers to Blend

Instead of wasting time choosing the right brush for every product, wash your hands well and use your fingers. If you blend well, the finished result will look even more natural than if you used the right brushes. Another advantage of using your fingertips to apply makeup is that you’ll be able to control just how much products goes on your face better. Look for makeup with squeeze tubes or take a small quantity out of the packaging instead of sticking it your fingers in all of it.

Makeup For Lazy Girls

Do Your Eyes First

When you like to use more heavy eye makeup, one of the best lazy girl makeup tips is to do your eyes before applying any concealer or foundation. If you get the eyes out of the way, you’ll have less touch ups to do in the end. It’s also more efficient since you can focus on your eyes without worrying about any smudging on other areas, which can take a long time to repair.

Go for a Bold, Glossy Lip

If you don’t have time for a lot of makeup, the most efficient way of putting together your look is with a bold lip. Pair it with mascara and you can look great in no time. When you’re sticking to just mascara for your eyes, one of the best lazy girl makeup tips is to draw attention to your lips, so don’t be afraid to go for a bolder lip shade. Forget about drying matte lipstick and go for a glossy effect.

Bold Lip Color

Try Chubby Eye Pencils

Getting a smoky eye or cat eye, usually takes a lot of time when you’re working with a regular eyeliner. Luckily, there’s a better way to do it. One chubby eye pencils to get it done much faster, according to lazy girl makeup tips. With a much chunkier tip, this type of pencil cuts down on application time and can even give you the right amount of smudge instantly.

Use One Step Nails

Nail polish strips are the quickest way to get beautiful nails and they’re as easy to remove as regular polish. Whether you like to stick to solid colors or want to experiment with intricate nail art, nail polish strips are the lazy girl’s solution for saving time and effort. Even if you’ve had bad experiences with press-on nails, try polish strips since they’re easier to apply and maintain.

One Step Makeup Products

Try One Step Eyeliner

If you feel that even a chunky eye pencil takes up too much of your time for your application, go for the fastest solution available: stick-on eyeliner. Available from more and more brands, these eyeliner patches or appliqué drastically reduce your eye makeup time and guarantee a perfect look each. Try Lancôme’s Hypnose Velours Multi-Wear Eyeliner Patches as you one step eyeliner.

Go for Wipes

One of the best lazy girl makeup tips is also the easiest to follow: use wipes! You can find excellent wipes for makeup removal, for cleaning your face and even for calming your skin. If you do decide to use wipes to clean your face in the morning, make sure you at least properly wash your face every other day.

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