Refresh your look with brand new and super-flattering makeup ideas. Fake your way to a red carpet worth look by experimenting with some of the latest insider makeup tricks. Choose your kit with great care and make sure you work only with high quality cosmetic formulas.

Don’t expose your skin to damages chemicals can cause. Depending on your preferences for A-list makeup trends, revolutionize your beauty rituals using the following hints offered by Liz Pugh as one of the most successful makeup artists of the moment.

Shine Control for Oily Skin

Liz reveals one of the easy-to-handle tricks on how to control the shine effect for those who struggle with an oily complexion. The magic spell is ‘oil-free’! Therefore, make sure you opt for foundations and moisturizers that lacks this element. Matte shades are perfect to combat the oily effect. Use a puff and some extra face powder on the T-zone if this is the delicate area that should be tackled. Match your skin tone with the ideal shade of the foundation. Apply this cosmetic formula only on the spots where it is absolutely necessary.

Naturally Glowing Cheeks

There’s no need to pile up a myriad of cosmetic products. Instead, play with multi-taskers that allow you to embrace a pocket-friendly beauty option. Use nude lipstick and apply it right on the apple of your cheeks. Use your fingers to blend the spot into your complexion.

The naturally glowy effect will be undoubtedly one of the statement accessories of the season. Choose the lipstick you use according to your skin tone. Experiment with pink or peachy shades if you’re ready to start a quest for the most flattering formulas.

Sultry Eye Makeup

Liz Pugh shares her trick on how to create a sultry eye makeup. The secret to emphasize your glimpse is to combine the visual effect darker shades combined with lighter hues can create.

Apply the deep tones into the crease, whereas the lids should be tinted with a light shade. Additionally, you can inject some extra glamor into your look by applying a touch of highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes.

Glam Eyeliner Trick

In need of a life-saving idea to emphasize your eyes, Liz Pugh also advises you to embrace the glam eyeliner makeup trend. In this case, skip the use of the classy black colored formula and go for colorful compositions. Explore the visual impact ivory color or other bright eyeliners can create. Define the upper lashline with this makeup product or you can apply it also on the waterline for a subtle and more classy impression.

Party-Perfect Lip Makeup

Don’t shy away of the party-perfect lip makeup trend that allows you to try your hand at a multitude of beauty trends. Choose your favorite matte or bold shade and wear it with confidence. The secret to create the desired va-va-voom effect is to fill in your lips with lip liner first. Then proceed to the next level and cover your lips with a smooth and silky lipstick formula. However, if you’re more fond of natural looking and sensual lip makeup trends, you can apply a tiny amount of foundation on the delicate spots and cover the whole section with a transparent gloss. The effect will be simply mesmerizing.

Latest Insider Makeup Tricks

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