James Kaliardos is one of the most talented MUAs in the world. The beauty expert had the chance to work with celebrities like Kate Winslet, Madonna and Beyonce. Now he’s the creative consultant for L’Oreal Paris and provides fashionistas from all over the world with the best application tricks. If you’re ready to make small changes in your makeup routine, read through the following L’Oreal makeup expert James Kaliardos’s tips you can use during your daily beauty sessions.

Concealer Trick

Prepare your skin for a makeup session by cleaning your complexion from dead skin cells with exfoliation. Use a concealer to create the perfect base for your makeup. Apply a tiny amount of it right under the eyes and in the corner area to create a lifting effect. Furthermore, use concealer around the nose, the mouth and on your chin. Focus on the center areas to create a natural-looking effect. Simply use your finger to blend the product into your complexion.

Foundation Trick

According to James Kaliardos, it is wise to apply the foundation, “drop by drop”. Use your fingers to apply the formula under the eyes and concentrate on the center of your face as this is the spot where the discoloration or redness of the skin can occur. Apply a few drops on your chin, around the nostrils and the mouth. The secret for the perfect application is to work the cosmetic formula outwards and have the smallest amount of the product on the outer sections of your face. Place a tiny amount of foundation on the lids to prepare the canvas for eye makeup.

Bronzer and Powder Trick

James Kaliardos also offers the trick of applying bronzer in order to sculpt and add dimension to our face. Apply a tiny amount of bronzer to your cheekbones.

Then, use powder to blend and define your features. Place a tiny amount of it under the eyes on the sides of your nose and on your chin. Preserve the natural radiance of your complexion with these tricks.

Blush Trick

Use blush to add a healthy and radiant glow to your complexion.

Use a cosmetic brush to apply a tiny amount of the powder or cream blush on the apple of your cheeks, but it is important to focus on the highest sections of this spot. Use circular motions to blend the formula into your skin.

Eye Shadow Trick

James Kaliardos reveals a few tricks on how to make your eyes look more prominent. First grab your eye shadow trio palette and choose the medium shade and cover the lids with this color. Start the application from the inner corner and head to the outer sections right up to the crease. Proceed to the darker shade and apply it along the upper and lower lashline, head upwards to add definition to your eye. You can also apply a tiny amount of the darker hue to the crease in order to add depth to your glimpse. Add dimension to your eyes by applying the lighter shade in the inner corner of your eyes.

Eye Pencil and Mascara Trick

Use the eye pencil to create the impression of thicker lashes. Apply the eyeliner as close as possible to the upper lashline or ‘lash-bed’ as James calls this section. Focus on creating a thin line and leaving the skin bare. Complete your eye makeup with mascara! Use the brush to define the roots and head upwards by combing your lashes.

James Kaliardos L

Image courtesy of NARS Cosmetics, style.com