You don’t need the assistance of a pro makeup artist if you’re willing to learn more about the modern art of beauty trends. Juggle with revolutionary cosmetic formulas to guarantee your flawless complexion and fabulous look. Regardless of the season you’re provided with a wide array of recommendations and tricks that can be easily used in your beauty routine.

This time check out the following inspired beauty secrets from experts. The most highly acclaimed names from the industry grant you with a set of tips on how to apply make up like a real pro. Highlight your best features using a few simple rules.

Makeup Base

One of the time-tested tricks to prepare the canvas for the rest of a fabulous makeup is to splash the face with cold water. Valerie Sarnelle is the founder of the cosmetics line Valerie Beverly Hills. This simple method to shrink the pores was used by celebs in the past and was also embraced by some of the modern day divas too. The foundation and concealer will adapt to the smooth and silky skin allowing you to hide all your tiny beauty flaws.


Eric Jimenez, the Makeup Artist for Urban Decay teaches us how to revamp our mascara with an easy trick. The pro beautician claims that in order to have the desired va-va-voom effect it is important to keep our mascara in hot water for about 1-2 minutes. The solution will melt a bit and it will also ease the application.

Eye Shadow

Often the weather conditions and other factors can ruin your makeup. Those who prepare for a special event can guarantee the spotless condition of their eye makeup with this trick.

Apply a creamy eye shadow formula on your lids and cover it with a super-thin layer of powder to top the effect. Make sure you handle the different products with care and you avoid the impression of an overdone makeup.

Nail Varnish

Marian Newman is one of the most popular nail gurus of all times. She advised us to prepare our own nail polish shade if we just can’t find our signature shade. The brands don’t count, concentrate only on the shade and keep in mind the color palette that suits your skin tone and personality. Mix two or more shades to experiment with the different impact of vibrant or neutral hues.

Eye Pencil

Brighten your eyes with an extremely simple trick. Use a black or navy eye pencil and apply a super-narrow line just below the eyelashes on the inner corner of the upper lids. The profound shade will attract immediate attention highlighting the beauty of your feline glimpse. The dark tone and the white area will be in a fab contrast. Finally, you can use a white eye shadow to brush the lower rim of the lids just above the eye shadow you selected.


Karen Miller as one of the most popular makeup artists of our times offers the definition of the ideal eyebrows that suit all face shapes. She claims that the perfect eyebrows should begin right above the corner of the eye socket and end just above the inner corner of the eye. Moreover, we also find out that the arch should be right above the iris.

It is highly recommended to learn the fact that the eyebrows should not be the darkest section of our face. Instead, these should be lightened if we were blessed with dark colored tresses. Using a face powder is the best remedy to spare us from this beauty dilemma. Furthermore, those who have hyper-thin eyebrows can use an ash tone eye shadow to create the illusion of full and perfectly defined brows.

Insider Beauty Tricks

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