Normally, a double chin is the result of a bad posture, has hereditary roots or can be related to being overweight, but this doesn’t mean you cannot hide it by using some ingenious double chin makeup tricks.

Makeup Tricks to Hide a Double Chin

These four makeup tricks are the perfect tool in hiding a double chin. Plus, they’re very easy to do at home, so there’s no need to book a salon appointment.

Hide Double Chin with Contouring

Here’s how to contour a double chin with makeup! In order to get the desired result, you should buy a darker shade that will minimize your physical feature, in this case, the double chin. The first thing in contouring your double chin is to apply a foundation that matches perfectly your skin tone and start blending. Then, you should take a foundation that’s two shades darker than the regular one, apply it on your chin and jaw line and start to gently blend into your skin using a special foundation brush. If you don’t have one, you can simply use your fingers.

Face Contouring

Hiding a Double Chin Using Bronzer

Another great tip in hiding your double chin with makeup is using a matte bronzer. Apply it on your neckline because this way you’ll make it stand out and you’ll shift the attention from your chin. Plus, if you use the same bronzer shade for both your neck and cheeks, your look will definitely seem more natural.

How to Hide a Double Chin with Makeup: Nude Lips

When it comes to your lips, we suggest keeping them neutral because otherwise, a bright lipstick will end up drawing attention to your double chin. So, makeup artists say that you should first apply a hydrating lip balm and then add a natural color lipstick or lip gloss. For more definition, you can use a lip liner to outline your lips and then finish your look with some natural lip color. Also, make sure that your lip liner matches the natural color of your lips.

Bold Eye Makeup

Makeup Tricks to Hide a Double Chin: Eye Makeup

You can also distract others people’s attention from your chin by focusing on another face area: your eyes. For a day-to-day look, we recommend using some neutral eyeshadow that will enhance your eyes. Plus, for an evening date, don’t hesitate to go for the classic and mysterious smokey eye look that will make your eyes pop. In the end, add two coats of volumizing mascara in black, show your greatest smile and prepare to wow your partner. He’ll definitely be mesmerized by the intensity of your look.

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