Naturally thick eyelashes give your eyes a great look and they’re not hard to obtain. Before considering medication or false eyelashes, try the easiest ways to thicken eyelashes naturally.

Caring for your eyelashes is important if you want them to grow long and thick. If you’re wondering how to thicken eyelashes, start with maintaining them and with fighting shedding.

Proper Eyelash Care

Start by cleaning your face thoroughly every evening before going to bed. Remove any mascara and eye makeup daily with a good cleanser. If your eyelash follicles get clogged, the growth will be slowed down and eyelashes can grow thinner.

Forget about eyelash curlers for at least a few weeks to give the strands some time off from this practice that can lead to breakage and can affect their texture.

How to Thicken Eyelashes for Beautiful Looking Eyes

How to Thicken Eyelashes using Natural Remedies

Castor oil is the first choice for naturally thick eyelashes. Apply a thin coat of it with an eyelash brush or a clean mascara brush every night for a couple of weeks, right before bedtime. This natural oil is used to thicken eyelashes, but it can also stimulate their growth.

Other oils you can apply to your eyelashes at night include olive oil, which strengthens hair and stimulates its growth, fractionated coconut oil and vitamin E, which prevent breakage.

Vaseline can stimulate the growth and thicken eyelashes in the same way when applied regularly, each night. All you need to do when you wake up in the morning is to wash your face thoroughly before applying makeup.

Tips for Naturally Thick Eyelashes

Hair is dead, but you can feed the follicle with vitamin supplements when your diet doesn’t include enough fresh fruits and vegetables. Take vitamin B, D and E supplements to encourage hair growth and make sure your eyelashes can handle the daily stress caused by mascara and the accumulation of dirt.

Make sure you remove your make up completely before bed, but do it gently, without tugging at your eyelashes or rubbing your eyelids too strongly.

If natural remedies don’t lead to naturally thick eyelashes fast enough, there are different cosmetics you can use to thicken eyelashes.