If your bushy eyebrows spoil your image even though you choose a stylish design it won’t flash any design, then you are one of the proud owner of untamed eyebrows. There’s no use for panic, instead take a look at these clever methods on how to tame unruly eyebrows.

Getting the perfect eyebrows is only the first step towards having a polished look. Maintaining the right shape and design is equally vital. Indeed there are several methods and tricks to smooth and rule the flyaway eyebrows. Besides the more professional techniques there’s a huge range of quick and practical tricks to add your image a refined and neat quality.

Band Aid Trick

As the name suggests the taming of the eyebrows will require only the use of a couple of ordinary band aids. This is one of the tricks that can be practiced anywhere since these tools can be found in every household. First of all before you go to bed do your skin care routine. Cleansing then moisturizing however this time leave out the eyebrow are.

Use a softer band aid and carefully place it to your eyebrows, from one end to another. Stretch it carefully so that it keeps the brows firmly. It is highly recommended to leave it on overnight.

tame eyebrows

After repeatedly practicing this trick, the hair will get trained to stay in the right direction. This is one of the useful tips that will help you in shaping your brows on a long term.

However if you want to make sure that this method works, during the daytime apply a tiny drop of hair gel to a cotton swab. Slide it through the eyebrow for a long-lasting effect. This fixing solution will hold the hair in the desired place all throughout the day.


First of all experiment with an extremely easy trick. All you need is your fingers, rub them to produce some natural moisture then run them through your eyebrows following the desired direction. Repeat this several time, your brows might fix the untamed hair after a few sessions.

However if the challenge is way bigger, then opt for the more drastic and a bit artificial method. Vaseline besides its miraculous effect on the hair, is widely used to tame eyebrows. Apply a tiny of it to your fingertips, then slide it gently over your brow. Due this but be careful do it only in one direction.

It is proved that this ingredient will shape and at the same time moisturize, hydrate and even enhance the natural glow of your brows.

Eyebrow Shaping

More Quick Tricks

If you are in a rush and your makeup is finished still the eyebrows might lack a bit of styling use the following 5 seconds tricks:Lip balm or gloss can act as eyebrow tamers pour a drop on your fingertips and apply it quickly to your brows. Use a fine tissue to remove the excess, be careful don’t wipe off all of it.

Hair wax is indeed a more drastic tool to tame eyebrows, however it can be used especially in extreme cases. Proceed similarly to that with the lip gloss.

Apply some hairspray to an eyelash applicator or an old toothbrush. Comb through the eyebrows to achieve the desired effect. Let it dry naturally.