Summer’s here, so it’s time to change your makeup application routine to avoid makeup meltdown in the torrid summer days. Making a full face makeup last all day in hot, muggy conditions is not easy, just as for some stepping outside ‘bare face’ is just as difficult.

If you still want to be able to wear makeup in the hot summer, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of makeup to know how to summer-proof your makeup.

Makeup Base

During the hot season we tend to sweat much more than in other season, which can instantly spoil our makeup.

Foundation can be very difficult in heat, it might melt down or smudge – to avoid any accidents – swap the liquid foundation to a waterproof powder foundation or mineral foundations.

This will give you the coverage you’ll need, but your skin will still be able to breathe. Carefully blend it into your skin, apply foundation only to certain spots, forget covering all your face with it.

Always have blotting paper at hand. It will will help you in removing the oil excess.

beach-proof makeup


Obviously waterproof mascara! Opt for formulas that won’t dry out your lashes. It is very important to let them breathe and keep them hydrated. Take care how you wipe it off, your lashes might be very sensitive, as waterproof makeup is more stubborn.

In terms of eye shadows, you might look on the bright side with sheer, fresh colors. Pastel shades, neutrals, gold and aqua tones are very hot this season.

Eyeshadow primers are without a doubt essential weapons in summer-proofing your makeup.

Cream eyeshadows are definitely your best choice. Less is more, that’s why keep things simple, apply only one or two shades to ease the proofing job.

Minerals, minerals, and again minerals….to avoid getting the panda eyes.


Lips can be as heavily affected by the sun just as your skin. So, you better take extra care of those kissies with proper conditioning and moisturizing.

Your lipstick might easily melt if you don’t apply foundation to your lips. This will keep it from smudging and smearing all over the place.

Lip liners are vital before applying the lipstick, these enhance its long-lasting effect. Then apply the lipstick or lip gloss for a natural look.

Choose tones that are close to your natural skin color. Your lips can also look fabulous if you use lip stains. Apply these to moisturized lips, since these are long lasting and can easily dry out your lips.