Make-up is a girls best friend but it can also turn into your enemy if you don’t allow your skin to breath by removing the make-up at night. There are so many cosmetic products available, or even homemade makeup removers to choose from just so they can make the make-up removal process much more easier and enjoyable.

An essential step to maintaining a flawless complexion is cleaning our skin. No matter the brand of make-up remover product you are using, it is necessary to clean your skin twice a day. Remember that over cleaning or no cleaning at all can have damaging effects over your complexion. Excessive cleaning of the complexion could strip away the oils which protect the skin against pollution and other damaging factors. Not cleaning enough the complexion may lead to premature aging skin, wrinkle development, pimples and acne formation due to the dirt deposited on the skin. It is important to clean your face just twice a day, once in the morning to remove the excess sebum which has developed over night and before going to bed to remove all the impurities that have stuck to our complexion, in order to allow the skin to breath over night.

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There are a variety of make-up remover products destined for each type of complexion. Make sure you choose one especially designed for your skin type. If you have an oily or combination skin complexion use make-up removers that are oil and alcohol free. For normal, dry and sensitive skin you can use make-up removal milk. They will remove the make-up and maintain your skin soft and smooth without over drying it. Professionals recommend to use a toner because toners remove all traces of impurities and make-up off the skin leaving the skin completely clean.

Apply the make-up remover on a clean cotton pad and gently wipe your make-up off your entire complexion. Change the cotton pad as soon as you see a lot of make-up deposited on it. Apply the toner on your complexion using another clean cotton pad or simply rinse your face with clean lukewarm water.

After the make-up has been removed it is essential to hydrate the skin using an intensive moisturizing or hydrating facial cream. You can apply thermal water on the freshly clean complexion because thermal water is known for it’s benefits.

Take care of your skin and you will look young and radiant for as long as possible.

Make-Up Artist Tips & Trade Secrets:How To Remove Make-Up Properly