Ever see a two-year-old boy with long, curly lashes and think life isn’t fair, because your lashes are short and sparse? Unfortunately besides applying caster oil on your eyelashes there aren’t too many methods for making them grow longer or thicker.

Eyelashes as other types of body hair have a special growth cycle, if you lose them these will regrow after 5-8 weeks. Beside genetics and health problems there are several things we do, that contribute to their loss. There are some basic rules to prevent them from falling.

If you follow these principles you can keep your eyelashes healthy and natural.

Removing makeup properly is a basic thing; we usually rush and rub our eyelashes with a ‘you name it’ makeup remover. However removing makeup is essential, take care of your eyelashes as you’re taking care of your skin.

Don’t rub your eyes when you wake up in the morning, this habit can cause the breakage of eyelashes. Be gentle with them.

Pamper your eyelashes three times a week by treating them with olive oil. Apply some olive oil to a cotton ball, then gently rub your eyelashes with it. Leave the oil on for a few minutes.

Avoid pulling your eyelashes when removing makeup or using mascara. Eyelashes are very vulnerable, use a proper eye cream that will moisturize your eyelids and the area underneath your eyes. Preferably apply it at night, you’ll notice that your eyelashes will be hydrated.

Curl your eyelashes when it’s absolutely necessary, do this beforehand, don’t apply mascara and then do the curling, your eyelashes will only dry out and will break easily.

Opting for the perfect mascara is essential in the eyelash care process. Since waterproof mascara is harder to remove, use it only if you know that your eyelashes will get wet. It’s difficult to clean your eyelashes from it so choose more sophisticated makeup removers or apply only water-soluble mascara on your eyelashes. Taking vitamin B and A will not only protect but also stimulate the growth of your eyelashes.

Don’t apply shampoo or hair conditioner on your eyelashes, you’ll never know how the chemicals in these close to your eyes. If these tips won’t help you, you should contact a specialist who can give you medical treatments for your problem.