Many of us don’t have the time to take an hour out of our busy schedules to apply makeup and in those five minutes you need to get the most of your skills to look at your best.

There are certain techniques and tricks to make your makeup last longer, so you won’t need touch-ups throughout the day.Makeup applied right after you step out of the shower won’t last long – give your skin a few minutes to cool and let your moisturizer set.

Avoid touching your face throughout the day to avoid breakouts, infections and your makeup will only rub off.

After applying foundation, finish your makeup with thin layer of setting powder that will create a protection coat on top of the foundation.

Primers are products that will prepare your skin for makeup, these are essential to create the smooth surface of your skin and face makeup will last much longer. Eye primers will prevent your makeup from smudging, creasing.

woman makeup

During the day, when your T-zone starts to get oily and shines, take a simple white tissue paper and blot your T-zone with it. This will soak all the grease up your skin.

Opt for long-wearing formulas to keep your makeup fresh for up to 12-16 hours. Apply foundation before using a lipstick – this will act as a base and will lengthen its effect.

When using eyeliner think about the look you’re going for: you’ll get a softer, more natural look with a pencil eyeliner, but liquid or gel eyeliners last more and are more dramatic – for those with a steady hand.

Don’t apply lip balm right before using a lipstick – it will slide right off your lips. But if you’re suffering from dry, chapped lips put on plenty right before going to bed – in the morning, you’ll wake up with soft, moist lips. Liquid, mousse and gel blushers last longer, especially if pairing them with pressed or mineral formulas – first apply the liquid/mousse/gel blush and set it with the pressed/powder blusher (make sure the shades are similar!), just like when setting foundation with powder.

Use products sparingly, the more layers you pile on the higher the risk is that it will melt off.

Following a good routine, you should succeed in having the perfect makeup from dust till dawn. Try out several techniques to find what works best for you!