It is a well known fact that makeup has been created to help transform the look of a person, thus helping people achieve the look that suits them best. Women have been trying to obtain different looks using makeup, some women want to look younger while some women need to look a bit older. This need has lead to the development of different makeup techniques meant to help create different results. Women who look younger than they really are usually want to use makeup to help them obtain an older, more sophisticated look so they need to learn how to look older with makeup.

Not feeling satisfied by the way you look can have a negative impact over your confidence and self esteem and this is definitely something you need to avoid. Confidence and feeling good in your own skin can contribute greatly to the way others perceive you, and if makeup can help you feel more confident why not turn towards its help. Because applying makeup improperly can help create an unnatural, unpleasant look, it is necessary to learn how to properly use makeup to your advantage. To ensure you make the right choice we have put together the most important steps to learning how to look older with makeup:

Conceal acne and breakouts using a conceal as acne is usually associated with teenagers, even though adults can too suffer from this skin problem. You can find different color concealers to help you conceal best skin imperfections, so choose the brand that suits you best. Concealer will help give you the extra coverage that foundation alone cannot offer so don’t hesitate to use concealers.

Select a foundation which suits your skin tone best and use your fingers, a foundation sponge or a foundation brush to apply the foundation uniformly. This will create a perfect looking skin which will act as a perfect base for the look you are aiming for.

Choosing the right type of eye makeup is a must as this is where you can easily go wrong. Eyeshadow color needs to suit the skin tone as well as occasion and time. Daytime makeup need to be lighter and less heavy than evening makeup so if your are choosing a daytime makeup use a neutral eyeshadow color such as beige or brown. For an evening occasion you can go for darker colors, even a smokey eye makeup, as during the evening the lighting is more subtle so darker colors will help give your eyes more definition.

Don’t forget to define your eyes subtly using an eyeliner which you will apply close to your lash line. You can use a brown or a black colored eyeliner, depending on personal preference and makeup colors used. Contour your eyebrows as well as they will help bring out your eyes better. Brow definition is important so use an eyeliner or even eyeshadow.

Mascara is a must if you are wearing eyeshadow as this will help your eyes stand out and look amazing. Coat your upper as well as lower eyelashes for best effects. Use a dark brown or black colored mascara depending on the makeup used and hair color.

Don’t forget the importance of blush as defining your cheekbones will help underline your bone structure, giving you a more mature look. Don’t go for bold colors and use natural colors such as peach or tan colored blushes.

Lipstick color also plays a very important role in the look of your makeup so to ensure you obtain the desired result go for a neutral tone lipstick as going for a darker colored lipstick might make you look like you are trying to look older and this is not what you are aiming for. You need to look as natural as possible so don’t overdo it.