Often we might forget about the golden rules of summer skin care and commit the top sun protection mistakes. In this case some might find themselves struggling with severe sunburn. This condition can affect both the health condition of our skin as well as our appearance. Red spots are only some of the most unpleasant symptoms of a similar condition. Indeed preventing it would be the most recommended task however some might not be aware of the power of the sun and can expose their complexion to serious damage by sunbathing for a longer period. This skin problem can be both uncomfortable as well as embarrassing especially if it affects our face, the most visible spot of our body. In order to save your beauty bunny reputation make sure you learn more about how to hide a sunburn with make up.

Mineral Foundation

Are you looking for a safe and complete coverage of the red spots that flooded your face as well as other delicate sections of your body? Then mineral foundation would offer you the proper solution to mask your sunburn at least temporary.

Facial sunburn might be the most critical of all as it might need more mastery to camouflage. Layered make up base is one of the remedies to start with. Mineral make up has the powder to protect your skin from damages as well as offer your skin a more comfortable and light impression.

Preferably choose from the creamy formulas as these would suit your sensitive skin. Apply it to your skin and make sure you choose a shade that complement your natural skin tone even though it might seem unrecognizable after the layer of the deteriorated skin.

Play up your beauty assets with the help of a well-defined and super-voguish dewy make up. It would turn your unattractive sunburn into a sun-kissed glow.

Hypoallergenic Powder

After a similar trauma your skin might be more sensitive than you think. Therefore it is a must to use the best make up and skin care products that would prevent the various allergic reactions. A hypoallergenic facial powder would serve as the best crowning step to your make up base both when applied to the face as well as different body parts. These formulas as experts claim furnish your red skin with a more complex and profound coverage.


One of the basic tricks to master the art of hiding various skin problems is to find the shortest way to success and learn how to turn your sunburn, in this case into your best asset.

Bronzers work fabulously to mute and reduce the redness on your cheekbones, nose, forehead as well as chin. Even out your skin tone with these must have beauty essentials that should enjoy a front row position in your summer make up kit.

Analyze your skin tone and choose the best shade then use a make up brush to apply it to these top notch areas and make sure you blend the effect of the bronzer into your overall make up.

Lip Care

Lips might also irritate due to the inappropriate exposure to the sun. As a consequence besides caring for this are you can also use the most stylish make up products to play down the redness. Lip glosses with additional vitamins and a moisturizing effect prove to be the best alternative when raiding your beauty kit for a quick remedy.

Lip balms might also be perfect still if you would like to play up the glossy look of your lips choose gloss in various shades be it golden, brownish or more subtle tones the point is to match it to your skin tone.