Tips on Getting Beautiful Eyelashes

Ever see a two-year-old boy with long, curly lashes and think life isn’t fair, because your lashes are short and sparse? Well, good news is that anyone can have lengthier, eye-enhancing lashes. These tips should help you get dramatic, beautiful long lashes.

Start with clean, dry lashes. Use a high-quality lash curler. Starting at the base of the lash with a down-cast eye, put a gentle but firm amount of pressure on lashes. Count to five and gently increase pressure with each beat.

Move to the center of the lash and repeat the process.

Move to the corners of the eye and repeat the process. Emphasizing corner lashes creates that dramatic effect. Apply high-quality mascara to complete the look. Finding the right mascara is a trial and error process, so experiment with different formulas until you find one you love.

Think twice before going with false lashes. They’re expensive and difficult to apply at home. You can get the same dramatic effect with a great eyelash curler and mascara.

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