A perfect skin is sometimes the result of a makeup process that requires just some basic expert tips and tricks. Choosing the right textures and colors for your complexion are two essential things that must be considered. Therefore, the most suitable foundation for your skin type and the perfect shades, but also moisturizing and preparing the skin for makeup should represent the key steps in the entire routine.

As we already know, preparing the skin for makeup is a crucial step especially when wanting a gorgeous, healthy, glowing look. Thus, we must cleanse and use a moisturizer. When it comes to the no-makeup look, the skin is the most important element as it should be impeccable and radiant, without creating the illusion of wearing too much makeup. Still, this can be a rather tricky business since finding the correct products might not be the easiest thing ever.

No Makeup Look No-Makeup Look Tips and Tricks

Foundation. After moisturizing, it’s time to apply foundation. This is the magic tool that can totally change your aspect. How to choose it? Apply some foundation on the side of your face and check in natural light. The shade that disappears is the one for you and it will even and smooth out your complexion creating a dreamy effect. Use a foundation brush for full coverage. If you have a great skin, normal and normal to dry, a tinted moisturizer will suffice. Tinted moisturizers are a smart investment as they combine the nourishing properties of a cream with the benefits of a foundation. If you have oily skin, pick a compact foundation.

Concealer. For those of you who must face daily unwanted dark under-eye circles, concealer is a must. Choose a concealer with yellow undertones that is one to two shades lighter than your foundation. Apply it using a special small headed brush, then pat with a finger to blend. When wanting a no-makeup look, the trick is not to use too much concealer.

Powder and blush. Powder is not mandatory, since a natural-looking skin is not too matte and has a healthy glow. Apply powder only if your skin is excessively oily. Get a powder with a light, silky texture and apply it in circular motions using a brush. If you want to set the foundation, lightly dust your entire face with a translucent powder and reapply it whenever you feel your skin is getting too oily. For a lovely, healthy flush, opt for a cream blush in warm peachy or pink hues.

Minimal Makeup Look Minimal Makeup Lips

Eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner. A natural look means simple, subtle makeup, without colorful eyeshadows to bring out your eyes. Still, if you want to emphasize the beauty of your eyes, choose a brownish shade, slightly darker than your skin, or a shimmery nude eyeshadow, and apply it into the creases and even along the lower lashes. If you have blue eyes, pick a beige eyeshadow for a luminous effect. A no-makeup look doesn’t need eyeliner. Therefore, you can easily skip this part. However, if you really need to use eyeliner, go for a soft brown, gray or shimmery nude pencil. Remember to add some sexiness and define your eyelashes using a brown mascara.

Lipstick. Don’t forget the lips. For a stunning no-makeup look, a gloss or a nourishing balm would work just fine, yet you can also use a lipstick in a shade that is pretty close to the natural color of your lips.

How to Get the No Makeup Look

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