How to fix makeup mishaps like lipstick on teeth, smudged mascara or way to much blush on cheeks with these easy and quick makeup tips.

Makeup mishaps, let's admit happen extremely often due to weather, our clumsiness and the inappropriate use of makeup products. However it is good to know the difference between something that's funky and what's already awkward and looks just wrong. That's why you should know how to fix makeup mishaps just like the pros - quick and effective, without ruining your whole makeup look.

Lipstick on teeth

I'm sure you've already experienced this mishap, it can be really funny, but also embarrassing in certain circumstances. In fact, lipstick on teeth is the result of an inappropriate application of lipstick. The best trick to avoid it is simple but super-handy.

After you applied the lipstick, put your pointer into your mouth slowly then pull it out, this way you'll remove the makeup excess from your lips.

Smudged mascara

It can be really annoying to deal with mascara smudged all over you eyes, specially if you have 5 minutes to pull off a fabulous makeup look. However, if the accident already happened, act wisely to save the overall look.

Wiping off the smeared mascara with a tissue or your fingers is a HUGE no-no! Blending it into your makeup won't help, instead use a cotton swab to fix it. Dip it into a moisturizer or a makeup remover then remove the mascara residue with it. Finally touch up the critical spots with concealer or foundation.

Uneven eyeliner

The application of eyeliner is not as simple as ABC, in fact you have to be pretty skilled to pull it off perfectly. However if you don't have time for making it carefully you might have experienced this mishap.

The first step in fixing the problem is to dip a cotton swap into the makeup remover solution and rub off the line. The trick is in fact to draw a line with a pencil beforehand then apply the eyeliner over it. This will guide your through the defined line.

How to Fix Makeup Mishaps

Overdone blusher

Use blush to highlight your best features, however, it might happen that, you got carried away by it and applied too much of it, so how to fix this makeup mishap?

If it's a powder blush, carefully wipe off the excess with a cotton pad, then use a face powder to tame it down a little. On the other hand if it's creamy, you might use a tiny makeup sponge to dab the blush. Remember apply the brush close to natural light to avoid any mishaps in your daily makeup routine.