Blemishes, rosacea, scars, dark circles, spots need to be corrected using concealer. Concealer helps to hide certain flaws of the skin in order to make it look flawless.

The best concealer is the one that has a color similar to your flesh, only one shade lighter. This will ensure that the concealer isn’t too obvious and blends well with the skin but also helps cover the skin problem.

There are certain brands which produce different shades of concealer to help you deal with and conceal different skin problems. You can find products that are pink toned, green, yellow and peach toned. You might wonder what do these weird colors help with. Actually they help a lot because they are meant to help fix different problems. Here is how you can use these colored concealer for what type of problems:

Dark circles can be cover by using a concealer that is one shade lighter than the color of your skin. This will make the skin under your eyes similar to the color of your normal skin making you look refreshed and rejuvenated.

Dark circles which have a stronger darker, almost bluish coloration should be concealed with a yellow tone concealer in order to fade out the darkness and make the skin under the eye blend in with the rest of the complexion.

The dark circles that have a very visible brown coloration should be concealed with a peach tone concealer, because the peach color will brighten up the dark brown under eye coloration.

To try and conceal reddish spots on the skin like red colored pimples and rosacea use a concealer that is green based. The green coloration of the concealer blended in with the redness of the skin will cause the redness to fade out, correcting the complexion.

It is always a good idea to test the power and the coloration of the concealer on your hand. The color of the hand is the most similar to the color of the complexion. Test the product before you buy it to avoid making a color mistake.Concealer will help your skin get a flawless look by hiding all the flaws on your complexion.

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