Wonderful, well-shaped eyebrows are one of the basic features that define your face. They give a nice frame to your face and give your eyes a deeper, more emphatic look. If you dye your hair it may happen that your natural eyebrow color and your actual hair color is drastically different. To fix this problem, you can dye your eyebrows using a similar shade that matches your hair color. For this purpose, you can find some excellent products on the cosmetic market and you don’t have to worry, since dyeing your eyebrows at home is not that difficult, as it may seem to you. All you need is attention and a few minutes.

One of the most important things is to shop for the right nuance of eyebrow dye that matches your hair. If your hair is blonde, shop for lighter colors, while if your hair is brown, red or black, you will look great having darker eyebrows. Check out our tips and learn how to create perfect eyebrows right at home.

Clean your face well, using a mild soap. Make sure your face is completely dry and pull your hair in a ponytail to prevent it from falling into your face while dying.

Take a Q-Tip to gently outline your eyebrows with face cream or Vaseline to protect the area around your eyebrows from being colored or stained. Always make sure that you haven’t covered any of your eyebrow hairs, otherwise the dye won’t work.

You can use normal hair dye or special eyebrow dye. Take the mixing cup and stir the ingredients as recommended. The mixture you created should be a paste, which is glumpy so that it won’t run off your eyebrows. Follow the instructions on using the dye in order to make sure you won’t damage your brows. Use the applicator included in the eyebrow dye kit or take a Q-Tip and apply carefully a small amount so that you can cover your eyebrows. Proceed with care in order to avoid applying the product on your skin. Color your eyebrows and pay attention to cover all areas on your brows evenly, so that no hair is left out. The best method is to build the color up slowly, so you can follow the curve of your brows easily, without dying the skin. Be careful so that your eyebrows are tidy and not dripping with dye. When you are finished with one eyebrow, proceed similarly with the other as well.

Leave the dye to sit on your brows for about 15 minutes or as it is recommended in the instructions of the eyebrow kit and then wipe it off using a cotton pad. It is important not to leave the dye more than the recommended time, since it can cause serious skin irritations and damages to your brows. After you have removed the dye, continue with washing the area completely, using wet cotton pads and mild soap. Always close your eyes while you are doing this, in order to prevent the dye from getting into your eyes. When you have finished with rinsing your face, finish off with applying a moisturizer both on your face and your eyebrows.

Tip: When you are shopping for an eyebrow kit, always make sure that you buy a safe dye. In order to avoid allergic reactions to the dye, it is advisable to do a patch test prior to applying the dye on your eyebrows.