The ’30s and ’40s pin-up woman is sexy, seductive, confident, she’s not afraid to shine and enjoys all the attention – traits that are mirrored in the sultry winged eyes and luscious red lips. The makeup of bombshells gracing today’s men’s magazines changed so much since the iconic pin-up days: skin glows with a tropical tan, eyes are smoked up; the brows are still very arched and enhanced, while the cheekbones are heavily contoured. Blood red lips no longer attract the male gaze, they are replaced by shades of pink and bronze, lips overdrawn and extra lustrous.

The pin-up girl makeup look made a huge comeback as more and more celebrities adopt this seductive look, which manages to stand out among all the glamorous red carpet looks. Learning how to create a pin-up girl makeup is a must if you wish to adopt such an attention-grabbing look. The pin-up girl makeup look will give you the visual transformation you’ll need to obtain that sultry, feminine appearance.

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The first thing you need to do is cleanse and exfoliate your skin so all traces of dirt, sebum as well as dead skin cells are removed. This way your skin will look and feel great. After each exfoliation and cleansing apply a good moisturizing cream to ensure the skin remains soft and moisturized.

Prep your skin for the makeup application by using a primer on your face and your eyelids. Primers can make a huge difference when it comes to makeup application as well as lasting time. Invest in a good primer product if you’re using makeup on a daily basis.

Next apply your foundation and set it with powder to give your skin a matte effect. This way you will have a porcelain looking skin which is one of the staples of pin-up makeup. Use products which work for your skin type, suit your quality demands and budget.

The next step is to bring the eyes out and for this you will have to use eyeshadow as well as eyeliner. If you’re not too fond of using eyeshadow or you have droopy eyelids, you can limit yourself to using just eyeliner. Use a vanilla colored eyeshadow all over the upped lid, then work a warm taupe eyeshadow into the crease, which will add more depth to the eyes. Use a liquid black eyeliner to give the eyes definition and create a soft winged line at the outer corners of the eyes.

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To give the eyes the finishing touches coat your eyelashes with two coats of black colored mascara. Curl your eyelashes prior to applying the mascara to finish off the eye makeup. Apply false eyelashes as they couldn’t be more appropriate.

Next use an angled brush and some black/brown colored eyeshadow to define or reshape your eyebrows or use an eyeliner pencil to get relatively equal results.

Apply a touch of blush to your cheekbones to make them stand out subtly and draw attention to your lips by coating them with your favorite red/pink lip color.