Tattoos often join people throughout their lifetime, some might wear it with the same pleasure some with embarrassment. Indeed a past decision can lead to serious consequences if you finally come to regret it. Tattoos will fade but won’t come off through the years. Those who got bored of their longtime pattern might seriously think of surgery or other dramatic measure.

The makeup industry found the perfect remedy for curing this problem. The unlimited range of products that can help you camouflage tattoos is evolving in a fast pace. Those who would like to cover this tiny accessory only occasionally will find the following tips real life-belts. Whatever the reason maybe guiding by the basic principles is vital for the successful covering. Learn the basics of tattoo masking.

First of all it is quintessential to prepare your skin for the additional makeup. The area should be totally clean and hairless. The best way to guarantee the success is to shave the covered spot. The hair or the dry skin cells will sabotage the overall look.

kat von d tattoo concealerKat Von D Tattoo Concealer

The next step is to find the perfect concealer that is at least with a half or even one shade lighter than your natural skin tone.

Opt for a high quality one that will perfectly cover-up the affected area. Apply it gradually and thoroughly either with the help of your fingers or ideally a brush.

The foundation is the most important tool to hide a tattoo. Choose one that ghostly matches your skin color. Make sure that it’s hypoallergenic and water-based. This will secure the long-lasting effect of the makeup. In this case add a few drops of water and use a sponge to apply it to the skin.

You’ll gradually notice the change, the trick is in fact to add as many layers of this lightweight foundation as it is necessary. Leave each one to dry naturally, to make sure that it won’t smudge.

The final touch is to cover this stylish camouflaging makeup with a translucent powder. This will add a refined and natural quality to your masterpiece. Perfect for setting all the ingredients and ensuring that no accidents will affect your plan.

Kat Von D No Tattoos

The masking makeup normally offers your a few hours of covering, however if your skin will get in contact with several critical factors as water, your clothes and other it might need a quick touch-up.

Celebrities certainly, won’t apply this quick DIY trick, their makeup artists already use the latest techniques and tattoo covering products. These undoubtedly revolutionized the cosmetic industry. The famous tattoo goddess Kat Von D recently released her new beauty sweetheart at Sephora.

The producers guarantee a complete coverage of even body-length tattoos, illustrating it by a quick but fabulously spectacular makeover done to the artist. Those who would still like to flash their tattoos might find the basic tips to care for tattoos also essential.