Pimples play a major role when it comes to puberty and can affect teenagers on a variety of levels including emotionally. Acne and other skin problems can leave a negative print over the complexion as well as emotional state of spirit and mind, but with the right skin care treatment and the right makeup product one can do wonders and give the ego an extraordinary boost.

Learning how to conceal your pimples using makeup is an essential step in creating a flawless look which will enhance your natural beauty.

Everyone passes or will pass through a period in which breakouts are your worst nightmare and it seems that they will never vanish but the proper treatment combined with the proper skin care routine will help is the majority of cases. But until your skin problems pass it is essential to know how you can conceal your flaws and enhance your best attributes so you can look absolutely breathtaking every time. For this try to follow these steps as best as possible:

cleanse your skin well to remove any dead skin cells which might still cover your skin, as dead skin cells can clog the pores and cause more breakouts. Use a mild scrub cleanser on your complexion to avoid scratching and irritating your pimples as they will only swell and become more visible.

use a facial toner on your skin to remove any other traces of dirt which might still cover your complexion after cleansing. Toners will cleanse your complexion well to allow your skin to breath.

moisturize your skin using a non greasy moisturizing cream to give your skin the flexibility and moisture it needs after toning. There are a variety of brands available, so choose to ask advice from your dermatologist if you have acne skin or choose your favorite moisturizer brand if not.

purchase specially formulated products destined for acne skin as they will offer you an ally against combating the infection which causes acne to appear. Discuss which products would suit your skin best with your dermatologist as they can prescribe the right topical creams or oral medications you need to deal with your problem.

All these steps need to be performed prior makeup application as well as in the evening before bed-time. To conceal your pimples with makeup you need to purchase the perfect concealer. There are a variety of brands to choose from and there are different shades of concealers available, which are meant to aid different skin problems such as pimples, dark circles, etc. Apply the concealer just on the blemish to cover it.

In order to choose the perfect concealer try to look for blemish concealers which have a green or yellow undertone as they will offer the pimples best coverage and which:

are high quality

don’t contain any oil

matches your skin tone perfectly as you don’t wish to choose a concealer which will show off under your foundation similar to lighter spots

Apply an oil free foundation over your concealer to obtain the flawless finish and you will look absolutely amazing. Do make sure to remove your makeup in the evening to ensure your skin will remain clean and breath freely throughout the night.