There’s nothing quite like color in your cheeks to give your skin the look of healthiness – it creates the impression of a brisk walk or a long bike ride.

The good news is that you can get it without having to even leave the house – which suits our approach to fitness!

Choosing your hue can be tricky – there were lots of shocking pinks on the catwalks this season but such a bold shade can be too much for some skin tones.

You’re aiming to choose the color that you cheeks go when you exercise so use that as a guide.

If you’re still unsure, check out your local makeup counter where specialists are able to suggest the shade that best suits you – they specialize in the most natural-looking results.

As for how to apply it – blusher is supposed to go slightly above the whole length of the cheekbone and onto the apple of the cheek area.

Do’s and Don’ts Do use quick, circular motions and gradually build up the desired intensity.

How to Choose and Apply Blush

Do use a brush that’s really soft but not too big or you could end up looking like a clown!

Don’t apply it beneath the cheekbones or it will drag the face down.

Don’t use shimmery blushers or your face could appear rounder.

Tips on Applying Blush for a Natural Look

Take a trip to any makeup counter and you’ll see a dizzying array of blush formulations, so it can be very confusing knowing which will suit you.

Select your blush on the basis of your skin type: If you have dry skin use either liquid, gel or cream that will nourish the area.

Oilier complexions should stick to powder or liquid, as these won’t budge even if skin becomes shiny.

Normal skins are lucky and can experiment with any type of blushes to suit the finish they require.