Learning some of the basic makeup tips will guarantee our spotless appearance regardless of event and circumstances. Those who are keen to enrich their knowledge of this modern art will have the chance to proceed gradually till becoming familiarized with a multitude of principles that can lead them through the process of choosing the right colors as well as techniques that would flatter their face shape. From the use of beauty tools to the know-how of top notch products all will contribute to the upgrading of our look.

Beautiful lips served always as the quintessential symbols of sex-appeal. From the narrow and sensual lips to the rich and kissable ones all can be improved with the help of a few steps.In order to guarantee the desired effect condition your lips with soothing cosmetic or homemade treatments. Learn how to apply lip liner, as one of the basic means to complete your lip makeup and crown the look with a tint of allure.

Step 1: Exfoliate your lips with a homemade or professional scrub that would eliminate the dead cells from the surface of the skin. The visual effect of flaky and dry lips is indeed unappealing. Therefore in order to prevent these disorders it is enough if you include a similar ritual at least once into your weekly beauty routine. Proper conditioning will secure the flawless and sensual look and texture of your lips. A dazzling makeup looks fabulous only on alluring lips rather than on worn-out ones.

Step 2: Then apply a soothing and nourishing lip balm. This beauty product will provide your lips with the essential vitamins and supplements. A regular lip care routine is important in order to protect this sensitive spot from the UV rays of the sun as well as pollution and the harsh effect of cosmetic products.

Close your lips, however it is important to keep it loose and relaxed in order to see the proper lines and angles. This is the ultimate condition that would ensure the effect of lining your lips.

Step 3: Choose a lip liner that would match your lipstick or lip gloss. It is important to stick to this principle in order to preserve the natural look. Often those who appeal to a stage makeup might go for too dark or light lining. However those who pair this accessory to their casual or slightly bare face style might regret mistaking the right shade.

In case you won’t find the right tone, choose a color that is at most 1 shade darker than your natural lip color. A lighter lip liner might blend totally in the look without having any special effect of thickening or thinning your lips.

Step 4: The application of the lip liner should always start at the middle arch. Start the line from the center and proceed towards the left/right corner of the mouth. Then draw the line also to the opposite side. Though the lower lips might not have the definite arches as the upper ones, it is still highly recommended to start at the center and continue the accentuating of the lips the same way as earlier. Be careful long gone are the days when ladies draw these lines on the lips, instead keep the line on the outside of the lip line. Avoid creating the impression of a rookie and the various beauty disasters often celebrities also make.

Step 5: Depending on the effect you want to create apply the lipstick or the lip gloss to lips. For a natural look cover the defined line since it will have a more muted and softened appearance. Those who long for a dramatic impression should consider the application of the lip makeup right under the lip line.Those who struggle with uneven lips can also correct the optical effect with a useful makeup trick. To have the desired proportions draw the lip line inside the lips on the section that is thicker. On the other hand in the case of the narrower spot make sure you draw the line outside the lips. This way you’ll be able to fake the look of perfectly defined lips. Then apply the lipstick.