Before you apply your foundation make sure you clean your face with a gentle scrub so that all dead skin cells are removed.

Apply a moisturizer cream and then you are ready to put on your foundation. If your face is oily make sure you use an oil free moisturizer.When using foundation make sure you are going for a natural look so your foundation should match your skin tone.

Foundations come in a variety of colors, textures, for all skin types – find the perfect foundation that fit your needs.

To apply the foundation place some of it on your face and using a foundation sponge spread it out smoothly and evenly.

Cover your eyelids and lips as well to avoid missing any spots.

Blend your foundation on your hair line, jaw line and neck to make sure everything is even.

How to Apply Foundation

If you have pimples or blemishes on your face always use a concealer on your pimples before you apply the foundation so they won’t show as much.

To set your foundation and make it stay on for several hours apply loose powder matching your foundation and then dust off the excess with a natural long bristle brush.

If you have blemishes avoid putting too much powder on them so they won’t show as much.

If you are wearing evening make-up and you want to make it more glamorous blend a little bit of shimmering powder along with your foundation in the area you desire to emphasize.