Whether you want to bring your makeup from day to night or simply start from scratch, doing it without a mirror is a daunting task. However, if you’re dead set on looking your best and you don’t have any reflective surfaces around, you can still make it work with the right tricks.

Find out how to put on makeup without a mirror successfully. You might need to make some compromises, when it comes to products and colors, but all of them play a big part in making sure that you look great.

Think Twice About Your Base

Foundation can be very tricky to blend when you don’t have a mirror. You can risk having your look ruined right at the start or you can opt for a base that’s easier to blend. A tinted moisturizer or a BB or CC cream is definitely a safer bet. With less pigment, you’ll be able to blend it evenly with a lot less effort, and make sure that you’re streak-free.

Stick to Cream Formulas

When you get to adding color, especially eyeshadow and blush, while you put on makeup without a mirror, it’s important to stick to creams. You can get a sheer finish with cream easier than with powder, which means any small mistakes will be less noticeable. Sticking to more pale or neutral shades is also a very good idea.

Apply Powder Correctly

For powder, you definitely can’t use your finger, so you have to develop a good brush technique. The last thing you want to do is take on too much powder, then swipe back and forth when you’re applying. That will lead to a streaky disaster. Instead, make sure you gently tap the brush to get rid of any excess power, then gently swirl it on over your base to set.

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Use Your Fingers

When you have to put on makeup without a mirror, using your fingers is a much better idea that using brushes. Just make sure that your hands are clean and apply everything carefully. By skipping the brushes when you’re dealing with creams or liquids, you’ll have a lot more control and you’ll be able to achieve a more even look. However, you can’t really get the same effect for powder and blush without a good brush.

Choose the Right Blush

One of the easier steps in your mirrorless makeup routine is the blush application. Start by grinning in order to make the apples of your cheeks stand out. After taping the brush so you know you’re not applying too much just apply gently on your cheeks and blend towards your temples. You can also use a cream one and apply with your fingers. Avoid blush with shimmer, because it can be harder to blend in correctly.

Keep Blending

There’s no danger of overblending when you want to put on makeup without a mirror. Without even a smartphone to check your progress, blend until you’re sure it’s enough, then blend some more in order to bring it all together.

Skip the Eyeliner

It’s really difficult to get good lines without a mirror, but you might be able to pull off a smoky look if you’ve done it a lot of times before. If you don’t want to skip the eyeliner, use a brown or another neutral shade instead of a black. You can also do both waterlines at the same time if you use a soft pencil eyeliner. Simply close your eyes and start carefully at the outer corners of your eyes.

Choose the Right Eyeshadow

A cream eyeshadow in a soft shade, from champagne to silvers or golds, is the right choice when you’re trying to put on makeup without a mirror. Use your fingers to apply and blend it well. A shadow pencil can also make application easy.

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Opt for Clear Mascara

If you want a little extra curl or volume, your best bet is clear mascara. Without a mirror, you’re more likely to get a black mascara uneven, but using a clear one will keep that mistake covered. You can also substitute lip balm or petroleum jelly for clear mascara if all you’ve got is black.

Choose the Right Lip Color

Getting a bold lip won’t really work when you want to put on makeup without a mirror. Instead, opt for a softer shade. Apply a softer color at the center, then rub your lips together to even it out. A nude lipstick or delicate rosy shades are the best way to go in order to avoid any issues.