You started wearing glasses but you are afraid that you will no longer look as feminine as you used to. What if we told you how to make glasses look good and thus regain your confidence? How does that sound?

How Can I Look Pretty With Glasses?

Here is a question that you asked yourself at least once since getting to wear glasses. You don’t have to worry anymore and you should not consider your glasses the enemy of your feminine side, instead you should think of them as the friend that helps you see better and still look pretty.

A big tip in how to look good with glasses is taking care of your brows. You should always keep your eyebrows well-shaped because your glasses will make them stand out. If you want, you can even your brows by using a brow powder or pencil.

Natural Makeup And Eyeglasses

Also, you should use concealer because unfortunately glasses will highlight your dark circles, so you need to hide them. All you have to do is to lightly dot some concealer on the blemishes and dark circles. Then use the makeup sponge and blend in your concealer.

Do you want people to notice your beautiful eyes? Then start curling your lashes, because this way you will give the impression of bigger and open eyes. Apply some volumizing mascara and your eyes will simply stand out.

When it comes to applying eyeshadow, you should go for a shade that is complementary to your frame color. For example, if your glasses have brown frames, you will look lovely wearing some blue eyeshadow. But if you’re rather classic and want to keep your look natural, you should stick to neutral colors from the same color family.

Another step in looking great with glasses is using eyeliner. A natural dark brown or grey will make your eyes bigger and brighter.

Makeup For Girls With Glasses

You should not forget about lips! If you have classic brown or black frames, we would suggest a bright red shade or a playful pink. However, if your frames are colored, then you should stick to a neutral matte lipstick or gloss because you don’t want too much color concentrated in one place.

In the end, you should change your hairstyle. If you love long hair, then wear it loose. For those of you ladies that like their hair short, why not trying a bob hairstyle and accessorize it with a pair of cat eye glasses? You will definitely stand out in the crowd. Trust me, you will be admired both by men and women, which will be amazing!

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