Freckles can be very charming and they’re easy to hide during the summer months under high coverage foundation. If you want to enhance them, find out the most important tips regarding makeup for freckled skin.

How to Enhance Freckles without Sun

You best bet to enhance natural freckles is to get out in the sun. If you’re not wearing very high sunscreen protection, it won’t take long, but you can also get sunburn. When you do apply sunscreen, there’s no point to staying out in the sun just to enhance your freckles since that may take a very long time.

Makeup is the right way when you’re wondering how to enhance freckles fast and without any risks associated with prolonged exposure to UVA/UVB radiation. When you’re using makeup for freckled skin, you can easily hide them completely, but you can also highlight them with a few simple tricks.

Tips To Enhance Freckles

How to Enhance Freckles with Makeup

Mineral foundation is an excellent choice for summer coverage when you also want to enhance your freckles. Products like Maybelline Mineral Power Perfecting foundation and Korres Wild Rose mineral foundation can give you the right amount of coverage without hiding your beautiful freckles. Use just a little for the best results.

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A tinted moisturizer instead of mineral powder foundation is another good choice. Opt for the LORAC protecTINT tinted moisturizer or the NARS Pure Radiant tinted moisturizer to make your freckles shine. Remember never to use both a tinted moisturizer and mineral powder foundation at once. You’ll end up hiding your freckles completely.

Products To Enhance Freckles

A little pink in your cheeks is another great answer to the question “how to enhance freckles”. Go for a pink based blush like the Origins Pinch Your Cheeks blush in Tropical Pink or Laura Geller Blush-n-Brighten compact in the color Pink Grapefruit. The same color trick works for lipstick too. Avoid deep red or nude shades and opt for a little pink.

Bronzer can help enhance your freckles too, if you use just a little, to better define your cheekbones. Try the St. Tropez matte powder bronzer, or a luxurious Shiseido bronzer.

Avoid any products with glitter and gently dot concealer just on the problem areas, don’t let it hide your freckles completely.

Wondering how to get freckles fast? Dot the areas prone to freckles with brown or black eyeliner or use a touch of sunless tanner to create perfect summer freckles.