There are various factors that can generate scars on our face. In most of the cases it is an accident however there are circumstances when our complexion might bare the traces of severe acne. Both cases might decrease our confidence which can lead to serious self-image crises. Famous makeup artists however perfected the various masking techniques to even out both our skin tone as well as banish the optic effect of these unpleasant details on our face and body.

From the multitude of miraculous formulas to the professional makeup base tools all contribute to the flawless effect of our look. Purchasing some high quality beauty tools and products will prove to be the first step towards perfecting our complexion. After getting hold of these must have items it’s time to follow some basic principles on how to hide scars with makeup in a few steps.

First of all it is highly recommended to apply a nourishing moisturizer to the face and implicitly the scar. This is the trick that would soften the surface of your complexion and would allow the proper and uniform application of the makeup base, Both severe and acne scars might tend to be flaky and hard stripping off any makeup products.

Choose a lotion that is rich in Vitamin E this will preserve the condition of the spot flawless and would not clog the pores which can lead to other severe damages.Due to the soothing effect of this vitamin the inflammation and the eye-popping effect of the scar will be efficiently minimized.

The next step is to use preferably a liquid concealer than will blend the scar into the overall look, by balancing the inequalities of the surface of the skin. The tiny holes will disappear and the optic effect of the beauty flaw will decrease.

Make sure you pat it into the skin especially if your scar is dark in color, choose a tone that is at most one shade lighter or darker than your natural skin, Don’t forget to stick to a natural look, right at the makeup base in spite of the fact that your makeup is far from being completed.

Proceed to the foundation, make sure you apply only a thin layer of it to maintain the natural look of your skin. Choose the best foundation that matches both your skin tone and type. Use the a makeup sponge to cover the scar and the critical spots.

If the concealer is of the ideal color the effect will be uniform without any differences in tones. Take into account the severity of the scar and place as much foundation on the section as it is necessary to mask it. In specialized stores you’ll also find foundations that were specially designed for this purpose.

The powder phase is just as important since this beauty product will crown tour overall look. In fact makeup powders are used rather to accentuate your best assets and even out your skin tone to create the perfect and natural appearance.

Powder brushes are best used to cover the visible effect of scars. With the help of a specialized brush apply the powder to the face, appeal to the translucent formulas for the desired success.

An additional makeup artist tip would be to highlight the best spots of your body in order to shift the attention from your scars. The eyes, lips and cheeks serve as the best spots to use your makeup skills. Use the most flattering styles to create a radiating glance, kissable lips as well as prominent cheeks. These would mark your look and would shrink the prominence of the eventual beauty flaws.