When it comes to correcting makeup for face shapes everything stands in lights and shadows. In the same time, the direction of the lines plays an important role in hiding certain flaws. Blemishes, scars and acne are easier to correct. For a correcting makeup up, you should always have a few secret weapons: foundation, two shades of powder, concealer and anti-dark circles eye treatment, blush.

Pimples and acne scars Acne scars are usually a real problem and people dealing with it sometimes feel embarrassed and tend to have less self-confidence. If you want to hide acne scars through makeup, make sure your face is clean. Both pimples and acne scars can be easily hidden if you apply a pressed foundation, concealer and then some powder. Use a concealer that matches your skin tone. Apply these products on the entire face except for the concealer. Highlight certain parts of your face in order to draw the attention towards them.

Freckles Freckles are thought to be a very sexy thing. You can choose to emphasize their beauty or hide them. If you have darker freckles, you should use an oil-based liquid or pressed powder foundation. A concealer applied before using the foundation might also work for dark freckles. But, if you are dealing with lighter freckles, a tinted moisturizer and a loose powder would do. In both cases, make sure you choose products that match your skin tone.

Close-set eyes When it comes to close-set eyes the right choice means iridescent eyeshadows in light colors. In order to give the impression of width, use in the inner corner of the eye a nacreous color such as white, beige or cream-colored. Apply a contour using an eyeliner or a darker eyeshadow on the eyelid. The contour should be applied only to the middle of the eyelid as a whole contour would only give the impression of round eyes. Use mascara insisting to the outer corner of the eye.

Small and wide-set eyes For small eyes use nacreous and light shades. The microparticles from nacreous eyeshadows reflect light and make things look bigger. Avoid precise, well-defined lines. Therefore, avoid eye liner and choose instead a dark eyeshadow applied at the basis of the eye. If you want to correct wide-set eyes you can add a darker eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eyelid.

Deep-set eyes If you have deep-set eyes the best choice would be an Asian eye makeup, which is pretty easy to do. Apply uniformly on the eyelid a darker eyeshadow and a lighter color on the arch.

Dark circles under the eyes The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and it needs special attention. Dark circles can appear due to low blood pressure in the peri-ocular area. The darker ones can have hereditary causes, while the violet ones can be the sign of some internal diseases. Besides the use of an anti-dark circles eye treatment, medical investigations are recommended if dark circles become stronger. As for the makeup, you must apply a concealer in mauve or yellow shades before applying the anti-dark circles eye treatment. These two colors neutralize the color of the circles before the treatment.