Make-up can serve so many purposes, it can enhance facial features, conceal flaws, make you look younger or older. It all depends on what colors and how the make-up is applied. People have different face shapes and facial features, so the make-up needs to be applied differently for each face shape. Before applying make-up it is best to find out your face and eye shape.

The “girl next door” look is a look most girls can appeal to. It is a simple, cute but still sensual look, a look which can do wonders for every girl. This type of make-up is appropriate for school wear, casual wear, even formal wear. It is known that simple can sometimes do much more that too much, and this type of make-up can definitely help create an angelic, sweetheart look.

Here are some tips to help you get the girl next door look using make-up:

Find out your skin type in order to receive the best out of the chosen foundation. For normal and oily skin it is best to use a powder foundation, while for dry skin it is best to use liquid foundation because it will be absorbed easily by the skin. Foundation will help conceal certain flaws of the skin and create a flawless complexion.

If you wish to obtain a glowing skin, you can opt for an illuminating foundation. Any blemishes or under eye circles should be concealed using a concealer before the foundation is applied.

Apply to the apples of your cheeks a little bit of peach colored or rose colored blush to define and enhance your bone structure.

gorgeous make-up

As far as eye make-up goes light colors are the way to go. Light colors like shimmery white, baby pink, peach will instantly offer your eyes a brighter, softer look. You can even go for a simple eyeliner at the base of the eyelashes just to define the shape of your eyes. Apply the eyeliner according to your eye shape. Curl your eyelashes and coat your eyelashes until they are very well defined using a black or a brown colored mascara.

For the lips, the sheerer the better. The “girl next door” look is based on a natural look, so a simple lip gloss or a light colored lipstick is the best solution. You will look radiant and gorgeous without looking unnatural. This is a look which will definitely help you catch the attention all the “girl next door” types do.