Foundations on one hand have the role of providing the skin with the necessary base for the application of makeup. On the other hand, this beauty product offers a lot more than just masking. It should at the same time strengthen and condition the skin.

The latest formulas on the market combine the power of a conditioner and a concealer. However how could you find your way out of the multitude of foundations. The following tips will offer your a feedback on different foundation types and their use.

Tinted Moisturizers

Tinted moisturizers also belong to the category of foundations. Indeed these might not offer the proper coverage if in need of a severe masking. However those who sport the ‘no-makeup’ look might find this product the perfect means to even out the tiny flaws of the skin.

Moreover this moisturizer will also soften the skin and will cover the pores with a protective layer. Offering a slight and natural tint to your complexion it will look as if you would have skipped the base. As a ‘killing two birds with one stone’ method you won’t have to do the moisturizing and the concealing separately.

Skin care specialists highly recommend this beauty product to those who have dry skin. Thanks to the complex composition it will furnish the skin with the necessary moisture to rule out the chance for dehydration.

Perfect also for makeup rookies and teens who are at the beginning of their beauty career.

Liquid Foundation

The greatest asset of liquid foundations is the easy-to-handle application. Due to the smooth texture it can immediately blend into the skin and act as a conditioning cream rather than a shield.

Use only a makeup sponge to ease the application process. This will help you in balancing the unevenness of the skin.

The best way to avoid any skin irritation is to read the labels and opt for mineral formulas. These will guarantee the organic quality of the product.

Recommended especially for those who have an ultra-sensitive complexion. The beauty industry offers a wide range of liquid foundation shades and textures from the one that offer heavy, medium or only a sheer coverage.It is advisable for those who need only a basic masking of fine lines or tiny wrinkles.

Those who struggle with severe skin problems should opt rather for another type of foundation. It can be used on a daily basis without clogging the pores. The natural look is guaranteed.

Cream Foundation

Cream foundations are also extremely well-known. However it must be added that it belongs to the high profile foundations that offer a more complex coverage. Mature skin and dry complexion will require the use of this product.

Those who notice the boost of fine lines and wrinkles will engage in using cream foundation.

Due to its oil-based formula it will serve as a proper conditioner for the seasonal transitions and to slow down the aging process that is joined by the dehydration of the skin.

Apply it with a damp sponge or a foundation brush for a thorough masking. Makeup artists use cream foundations with great pleasure.

Since in a few steps they’ll manage to hide all the skin problems leavening behind a smooth and spotless complexion. For a dewy look skip the powder and leave the face bare from any finish.

Powder Foundation

Powder foundations can also be enlisted into the group of products that offer heavy coverage. In this case the composition of these matches best the oilier skin.

Designed to offer protection even when faced with extreme weather condition, sweating and other external factors that might spoil our makeup. However it is highly recommended to have an extra powder for the quick touch-ups during the day. The repeated application of the powder foundation will only result in a mask-like appearance.

Applied with a special and thick powder brush or a cosmetic sponge. There are special dual formulas also known as cream to powder foundations that became the most popular makeup bases. These are applied as liquid foundations however when dried have a shimmery powderish look as if you would have used a powder foundation. Often used in the process of creating the natural and fresh-looking makeup.