If you have to work or spend a lot of time under fluorescent lighting, you should definitely adapt your makeup to the very unflattering situation. From choosing the right colors to using the best types of products, there are plenty of ways to make yourself look better in this type of environment.

Check out some of the best fluorescent lighting makeup tips and make sure your look will be as successful in natural lighting and in less flattering conditions. The easiest solution would be to apply your makeup under fluorescent lighting, but that’s not always easy.

Invest in a Good Makeup Mirror

There’s no point in installing fluorescent lighting in your home when you can get the same effect with a lighted makeup mirror. Choose a mirror with a fluorescent light setting, that’s usually labeled as “office” and you’ll be able to experiment and adapt your looks successfully with less trial and error.

Choose Creamy Consistencies

Even if you blend very well and finish with a translucent one, powders can make your skin look dry under fluorescent lights. Using creamy products, from tinted moisturizers to cream blush, is one of the best fluorescent lighting makeup tips. You can also use highlighters and lip gloss to counteract the drying effect of the light.

Prep Thoroughly

Skipping the primer might not be the best idea if you have to spend a lot of time in a space with fluorescent lights. A good hydrating serum and a decent primer can help keep your skin looking better. Look for primers with silica, that has a smoothing and subtly illuminating effect, and for serums with peptides, that can help you get a hydrated look.

Concealer For Harsh Office Lighting

Go Big with the Concealer

While too much concealer can look bad under any kind of light, one of the best fluorescent lighting makeup tips is to focus on fixing any dark under eye circles. Color correcting concealer is definitely a good idea, but you should also try flesh toned ones with that can reflect light. Again, pick one with a creamy consistency.

Choose Warm Colors

Since fluorescent lights have blue and green tones, you should choose the warm shades in order to avoid looking pale. Forget about blue, green and gray eyeshadows, they’ll be enhanced by the lighting and can end up looking very strong. Look for natural looking warm tones. They’re more flattering and won’t cause any problems in any kind of lighting.

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Skip Bright Pinks and Reds

While one of the most important fluorescent lighting makeup tips is to go warm, bright reds and pinks can also be enhanced by the lighting, taking your makeup in a really bad place. Darker shades of pink and red aren’t so bad, so think rose and deeper, softer reds. Coral can also look like bright orange under the wrong lighting.

Makeup Colors For Harsh Office Lighting

Choose Softer Shades

Going for sheer colors is a good idea as long as you keep it warm, but black is definitely one of the colors that needs to be toned down. Brown mascara and liner are definitely a better fit for fluorescent lighting than jet black. Any shade that’s too sharp or too saturated can get enhanced in the wrong way by the lights, pushing your makeup from subtle to startling.

Stay Away from Earth Tones

While they’re definitely warm, earthy shades can end up looking like dirt under the wrong lighting. One of the best fluorescent lighting makeup tips is to avoid any sandy shades, and definitely stay away from taupes. Choose warmer colors, from peach to warmer tones of brown.

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Skip the Bronzer

Most bronzers have orange tones that will show up more than you’d like under fluorescent lighting. So you can either experiment with a really subtle way of integrating it into your look for a little contouring, make sure it has a matte finish or simply opt for a good blush.

Avoid Glitter and Shimmer

Skipping frosted eyeshadows is one of the most important fluorescent lighting makeup tips, but you should be extra careful with any products that have a shimmery or even glittery finish. Stick to matte products and avoid very shiny lip glosses. They rarely look good when fluorescent lights are involved.