Spotting the perfect make up trend to adopt for a similar special day should not be an ordeal if you have all the necessary principles that would lead you through the proper selection of various products, colors as well as other essential details and designs. First and foremost make sure you do your best to emphasize both the beauty of your skin tone as well as eye color. Polish your make up application skills and find out more on the most fabulous first date make up ideas below.

No make Up Look

If you’re a girl that goes by the ‘what you see is what you get’ principles, then you should definitely flaunt your natural side with a cute and fabulous ‘no make up’ look. In this case all you have to do is set the emphasize on the spotless skin. Therefore start with the application of the perfect make up base. Tinted moisturizers would do just fine especially if you have no skin problems.

In case you do make sure you apply the concealer to the critical spots and then head to the next level and appeal to the fab effect of your foundation or moisturizer to create the perfect natural look. Crown your base with translucent and light-weight face powder for the alluring still moderate shimmer.

Your cheeks should also be included into the list of the most delicate and top notch sections to cover with the no make up look. In this case opt for the most stylish peachy or rosy cheeks trends that would suit your cold or warm toned skin color. Apply it to the lower part of the cheekbones and head upwards with the proper make up brush.

Concentrate on the eyes if you would like to make your glimpse memorable for your date. The secret to master the style is to highlight the shape of the eyes with a liquid eyeliner, make it black so that it suits all eye shadow and mascara colors. Then choose from the most stylish eye makeup tones as brown, beige, and golden as these would give your face a natural as well as sun-kissed still natural flair. The mascara should crown your make up by boosting the volume and definition of your lashes.

Keep the attention on your eyes as it is a focal spot to concentrate on, therefore the best way to still add a flirty look to your lips is to keep it simple and conditioned. You can still appeal to the magic of natural beige and baby pink as well as nude lip glosses and tinted lip balms for the guarantee razzle-dazzle first date make up.

Romantic Dewy Make Up

Another option would be to pull off the romantic dewy make up that is both chic and classy at the same time. Those who would like to take advantage of the various make up shades and textures should experiment with this look at least for a thrilling first date. Start your make up with the base which should include the use of a nude foundation applied in a super-thin layer. Then all you have to do is use a cream blush that would define your cheekbones as well as the unique lines of your face.

Make sure you skip the apple of your cheeks and instead head upwards for the perfect finish.Top your romantic dewy make up with bronze face powder that suits your skin tone. This additional detail paired with the dewy effect of the cream blush would secure the best effect. Brighten up your face with these tricks and head to the next level after polishing your make up to perfection.

Apply a fabulous eye shadow in a shimmery tone be it beige, or of other glamorous tones still keep the look moderate and instead crown the eye make up by using Ivory as the best tool. This shade when applied to the browbone would perfectly serve as a natural illuminator to accentuate your eyes. Your lids should be enhanced with a natural tone in order to keep your summery natural appearance.

Opt for candy or pastel tones if you would like to still make a statement and skip the ‘no make up’ look. Make sure you blend the Ivory shade with the eye shadow you opted for using a flat-topped make up brush.Mascaras would be the cherry on the cake as these can bring out the best of your eyelashes adding an additional funky and feminine flair to your first date make up.

In this case you can also play up the lips with the help of an alluring lipstick if the gloss would be too simple for your appearance. Plump them with the oh-so-fabulous and must have rosy or peachy shades as all these would contribute to your dewy make up look. Though this style concentrated rather on the cheeks and the skin tone you can still add the lips to the played-up list adapting to the latest make up trends.